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Native American Students at U. Arizona Want Apology After President Comments on His ‘High Cheekbones’

Native American Students at U. Arizona Want Apology After President Comments on His ‘High Cheekbones’

“offensive comments regarding his heritage”

This was clearly a reference to Elizabeth Warren, who once claimed this was proof of her Native American ancestry. You can’t blame these students for being annoyed by this.

Arizona Central reports:

Indigenous UA students demand apology after university president’s remarks

A group of Native American students at the University of Arizona is demanding an apology from the university’s president after he made offensive comments regarding his heritage.

A letter from a group identifying itself as Voices of Indigenous Concerns in Education, or VOICE, detailed UA President Robert Robbins’ remarks to a student group and his administration’s subsequent response, which the group found lacking.

The letter, which was first reported by UA’s student newspaper, the Daily Wildcat, was posted on Native SOAR’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

On Oct. 3, Robbins “unexpectedly joined” a Native SOAR (Students Outreach, Access, and Resiliency) class.

“In a failed attempt to connect and relate to the group, Robbins began, ‘Not to pull an Elizabeth Warren,’ and then proceeded to tell the class how he completed a DNA test to prove his Cherokee ancestry,” the letter stated.

Robbins then told the class that the test results came back negative and he planned to do another test because of his “very high cheekbones.”


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Hard to believe that a man this wise has never drowned while trying to take a shower.

I very much blame them for being annoyed. Robbins was joking about the phenomenon of some people who are not American Indians wishing they were and pretending they are. The underlying sentiment is complimentary. The harm comes in the fraud, but a person who is joking about it instead of doing it is not defrauding anybody.

Robbins should be applauded for standing up for humor, and to continue standing up for good natured humor should explain the joke. Indeed, he should explain to the whole school: “Every generation of humans prior to yours took great pleasure in what was called ‘joking.’ Your generation was somehow raised to be humorless but the role of the university is to preserve human accomplishment and one thing we want you to learn here is to spontaneously open your mouths and go “ha ha,” and eventually “hahahaha.”

Then he should tell a few more jokes.