It’s not an exaggeration to say that CNN is excited about the prospect of impeaching Trump. Their programming is beyond biased, it’s all anti-Trump, all the time.

But a recently published piece on their site was over the top even for them.

At CNN, Trump’s impeachment and removal from office is already such a foregone conclusion that they’re openly fantasizing about a Nancy Pelosi presidency.

Paul Callan writes:

How a Trump impeachment could lead to a Pelosi presidency

House Democrats will press forward on Thursday with a House vote to officially greenlight impeachment proceedings into President Donald Trump’s handling of aid to Ukraine while he was seeking an investigation of his political rival, Joe Biden.

In defending his actions, Trump has suggested that reporters should look into Vice President Mike Pence’s conversations with the Ukrainian president. And the White House has been evaluating whether to release notes of Pence’s talks with President Volodymyr Zelensky.

All of these developments raise the question of whether Pence could be drawn into the impeachment maelstrom.

Should Democratic efforts to remove Trump from office succeed, Pence would succeed to the presidency — under normal circumstances.

More importantly, presidential succession, in this case, depends on (to paraphrase former Sen. Howard Baker in reference to the Watergate Investigation) what the Vice President knew and when he knew it…

If Pence’s September trip was intentionally designed to reinforce Trump’s demand for a “favor” with an intimidating follow-up message from the vice president, Pence may have a serious problem.

This is the line which really makes this nothing more than resistance fan fiction:

What might follow could be a double impeachment scenario that would make heads spin and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi the president of the United States. After Pence, she’s next in the line of succession.

I talk about this very kind of media insanity in my latest column at Townhall:

Anti-Trump Media Is Waging Psychological Warfare Against the American People

For years, conservatives have pointed out the liberal biases of the media, but the Trump era has brought the subject into focus never seen before now. The media’s reaction to the death of ISIS leader al-Baghdadi may have been a turning point.

Progressives in media are so dedicated to opposing Trump, that the Washington Post eulogized the terrorist with more warmth than they have ever afforded President Trump, or even certain high school students caught on camera wearing MAGA hats.

CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, and the other usual suspects also had spectacularly bad takes on the death of al-Baghdadi, all of which were framed to discredit Trump or downplay his role in the situation.

In years past, the media tried to remain subtle in their bias but that all changed on election night in 2016. Anyone who was paying attention that night saw the media completely transform in real time. Many of the same cable and network news hosts who played palace guards for the Obama administration for eight years, became members of the angry mob at the palace gate, overnight.

Read the whole thing.


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