Joy Behar of The View let the mask slip this week on the left and gun control.

The panel discussed the 2020 Democratic primary and Beto O’Rourke’s recent departure from the race. Behar suggested it was a mistake for O’Rourke to make his plans for gun control known so early.

Behar clearly believes Democrats should get into power before revealing their plans to take away your rights.

Nick Givas reports at FOX News:

Joy Behar: Don’t tell Americans before you take their guns

Politicians seeking to confiscate guns from Americans shouldn’t share their plans with the public beforehand and should seek to maintain an element of surprise, Joy Behar said on “The View” Monday.

Behar was discussing former 2020 presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke, a Democrat from Texas, and said it was foolish of him to announce his plans for gun confiscation before he was elected. She advised all politicians to go after the country’s guns after they’ve assumed office.

“They should not tell everything they’re going to do. If you’re going to take people’s guns away, wait until you get elected — then take the guns away,” she said. “Don’t tell them ahead of time.”

Co-host Meghan McCain also weighed in on the issue and said O’Rourke has poisoned the well and scared off independent voters from the Democratic party.

“I will also say that his stance on gun buybacks — Mayor Pete said it was a shiny object that distracts from achievable gun reform,” she said earlier in the interview. “That clip will be played for years… with organizations that try and scare people by saying that Democrats are coming for your guns.

Watch the video below:

If the YouTube video doesn’t work, you can see it here:

Here are a couple of Twitter reactions, via Twitchy:

Joy Behar and Beto have done a great service to the American people by revealing the left’s true intentions.

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