This is one of those instances where the protest is really performance art and the spectacle matters more than the issue.

The College Fix reports:

Harvard fossil fuel divestment group stages mock oil spill on campus

In a bid to convince the university to divest its holdings in fossil fuels, activists at Harvard on Friday staged a mock oil spill on the campus, pouring molasses over their heads in order to simulate an environmentally devastating oil disaster.

The Harvard Crimson reports that three students—a freshman, a sophomore and a junior—all “sat on white sheets while three other Divest Harvard members, wearing placards bearing the names of oil companies, drenched them with a thick, brown liquid meant to symbolize oil.”

According to The Crimson, one attendee, named Miles Mcallister, said the demonstration was “amazing…really cool and special and powerful.”

Divestment has historically been a losing issue at Harvard. The school has refused to divest its fossil fuel holdings in spite of sustained protests on its campus. A petition that circulated last year calling for divestment snagged a vanishingly small number of signatures from the student body. A year ago, not even 10 percent of student voters wanted to see a fossil fuel divestment referendum on the ballot; the student government was forced to vote the referendum through on its own.


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