This scholar regularly lectures on college campuses. Can you imagine someone speaking this way about women?

The College Fix reports:

Gender scholar says raising boys to be ‘emotionally stoic’ leads to violence, suicide

One gender scholar who gives regular talks on college campuses argues that men are responsible for much higher rates of violence and suicide because they are often raised to conceal or suppress their emotions.

Thomas Keith, a professor of philosophy and gender studies at Claremont Graduate University, recently spoke at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, at which, according to The Daily Tar Heel, he highlighted “four main pillars of toxic masculinity: the objectification of women, homophobia, emotional stoicism and the encouragement of violence.”

Keith said that achieving “less incarceration [and] less violence…starts with the way we conceive of men and the way we raise our boys.”

In an interview with The College Fix, Keith said he “began studying issues of masculinity around 2005, when I determined to produce a film that covered media’s representation of women and men.”

“My interest in the subject came about over time, with things like becoming a father, listening to scholars talk about the problems with contemporary masculinity, reading books on the subject, listening to students discuss their challenges with conforming to masculine standards, or dealing with men who used their power and privilege to gain advantages over others,” he said.


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