Now that the 2020 election is a year away, the field of Democratic candidates should be shrinking, not expanding. Last week it was reported that Michael Bloomberg is thinking of jumping into the race.

Now former MA Governor Deval Patrick is said to be considering a run.

What does this say about confidence in the candidates who are already running?

Andrew O’Reilly reports at FOX News:

Deval Patrick considering entering 2020 Democratic presidential primary

Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is the latest Democrat to consider joining the 2020 Democratic presidential primary fray, with sources close to the politician telling The Associated Press he’s mulling a White House run.

Patrick ruled out a run earlier this year but has since been talking with party operatives and donors about launching a campaign. His deliberations came as some Democrats have expressed uncertainty about the party’s current crop of contenders.

Patrick has not made a final decision on whether to run and would face fast-approaching deadlines to get on the ballot in key states.

Patrick has been a close ally of former President Barack Obama. He made history as Massachusetts’ first black governor, serving from 2007 to 2015.

Patrick is not only an ally of Obama, they share a professional link with Democratic campaign adviser David Axelrod. Years before Obama’s campaign slogan became “Yes we can,” Deval Patrick’s slogan was “Together we can.”

Stephanie Murray and Marc Caputo of Politico explain why this is happening:

Patrick’s interest in the race advanced in recent weeks as top Democratic donors became increasingly concerned with the field, according to one friend who spoke to the former governor last week.

The donors, many with ties to Wall Street, see Patrick as the perfect candidate: a dynamic, African-American progressive governor who got elected in a heavily white state and who also has good ties to the business community thanks to his time in Bain Capital, the firm founded by another former Massachusetts governor and former presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.

“This is coming from Wall Street. They’re terrified of Warren. And these guys would help Biden. But they’ve been in a room with him up close and they have doubts,” the source said. “Deval wants this. He regrets not having done it. His wife was ill. But since then, she has gotten better. But the field has gotten worse.”

Coming in so late would make this an uphill battle for Patrick, but he has other issues that would be even more problematic for Democrat primary voters.

After leaving the Massachusetts statehouse, Patrick became an executive at Bain Capital. You may remember Bain as the evil corporation reviled by the left when another Bain executive, Mitt Romney, ran for president in 2012.

Whether or not Patrick jumps in at this late stage is almost irrelevant. The real story here is how this reflects on the rest of the field and a growing fear that the party doesn’t have confidence in anyone who is running.

This is a nightmare for the left.


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