The media has to fact check President Donald Trump over every little thing he says or tweets.

Political counsel at the US Embassy in Ukraine David Holmes claimed he heard Trump speaking to US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland “through the earpiece” of the latter’s phone.

Trump tweeted his doubt about Holmes’s claim. CNN host Chris Cuomo tried to prove Trump wrong and failed miserably on live TV.

Have you been able to eavesdrop on a conversation taking place on an earpiece? Sometimes you can hear the voice, but have you ever clearly made out the conversation?

High and mighty Cuomo had the determination to prove ORANGE MAN BAD.

You guys. Watch this. I cannot stop laughing.

From The Daily Beast:

“Very interesting theory from our president that he has really good hearing, some would say, the best hearing ever, and he has never been able to hear a phone call when it wasn’t on speakerphone from anybody,” the CNN anchor declared. “So, let’s just play with that for a second.”

Cuomo went on to dial-up his mother on his cell phone, asking her: “Mom, can you hear me?” CNN viewers, however, heard nothing in response.

Holding the phone up next to his colleague Dana Bash, Cuomo then requested that his mother say hello to the CNN correspondent. While there was once again silence, Bash awkwardly glanced at the camera as Cuomo fumbled with his phone.

After eventually switching it to speakerphone, Cuomo once again asked his mother if she could hear him, finally prompting a response the audience could hear. Changing the phone back to normal mode, he then wanted his mom to say hello to Bash. As Bash attempted to hold a conversation with Mrs. Cuomo, CNN viewers again heard nothing on the other end of the call.

“I can’t hear your mother, Chris,” pro-Trump CNN pundit David Urban gleefully exclaimed. “I’m sitting across the table.”

The Hill’s Joe Concha tweeted Cuomo’s stunt “is the most ill-advised thing we’ve witnessed on live TV since Marcia Clark had OJ try the gloves on.”

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