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Brazil’s Bolsonaro Launches New Party to Fight Communism and Globalism

Brazil’s Bolsonaro Launches New Party to Fight Communism and Globalism

President Bolsonaro: “Alliance for Brazil” will restore “God’s place in the life, history and soul of the Brazilian people.”

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro announced the creation of a new political party, aligning himself closer to the country’s Catholic and Evangelical electorates. The “Alliance for Brazil,” as the new party is called, will restore “God’s place in the life, history and soul of the Brazilian people,” the Brazilian President told cheering crowd at a rally on Thursday.

According to the statute of the newly formed party, the “separation of church and state never meant that atheism was obligatory.” The Alliance for Brazil will fight “communism, globalism and any ideology that is against the natural order” the political program said.

The announcement came just a day after President Bolsonaro left the conservative Social Liberal Party (PSL). He urged the PSL senators and lawmakers to join his party.

The Alliance for Brazil seeks to reflect the concerns and values of the electoral base that got President Bolsonaro elected in October 2018 election. The new party will be pro-life and supports the right to bear arms, media reports confirmed.

President Bolsonaro’s came to power nearly an year ago, defeating his socialist rival Fernando Haddad of the Worker’s Party, heavily backed by Brazilian evangelicals, the country’s fastest growing religious demographic group.

France’s AFP news agency reported the creation of President Bolsonaro-led political party:

Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro on Thursday launched a new political party called the Alliance for Brazil, which will put an emphasis on God, family and homeland, as he tries to win back evangelical voters.

“If I had done this sooner, we would have gotten 100 deputies and a senator elected in each state,” Bolsonaro said at a formal launch event in a luxury hotel in the capital Brasilia.

It’s the ninth time that the 64-year-old Bolsonaro, a former army captain, has changed parties in his three-decade political career. (…)

A giant screen was set up outside the hotel so that several dozen Bolsonaro supporters gathered there, many of them wearing the national colors of green and yellow, could watch the party’s launch ceremony.

The Alliance’s official Twitter account, which already has more than 150,000 followers, used hashtags in its posts, flagging the words God, family and homeland. (…)

Bolsonaro is the new party’s president, and his eldest son, senator Flavio Bolsonaro, is the vice president.

President Bolsonaro’s unapologetic nationalism has earned him the ire of the mainstream media and left-wing agitators alike. “Fascism has arrived in Brazil – Jair Bolsonaro’s presidency will be worse than you think,” UK newspaper Independent declared as the Brazilian leader took office in January 2019. “Jair Bolsonaro’s Been Called a Misogynist and Fascist,” the New York Times told its readers, then tried to explain away “Why Women Still Back Him.”

Parroting mainstream media’s talking points, Venezuela’s socialist tyrant Nicolás Maduro compared the newly-elected Brazilian leader to Nazi dictator Adolph Hitler. Bolsonaro is “a Hitler of the modern era,” Maduro told the impoverished Venezuelans in his January 2019 state of the nation speech.

This historical portrayal, however, couldn’t be further from reality. Since taking office almost 11 months ago, President Bolsonaro has delivered on several of his key election promises. He eased restrictions on gun ownership in an effort to stamp out rampant crime and privatized inefficient state-run companies. His economic reforms have pulled the country away from the brink of recession, registering moderate growth this year over 2018.

On the international state, the Brazilian leader aligned himself with U.S. President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Much like Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, he has been a fierce opponent of the globalist agenda being rammed down people’s throats by the United Nations and the European Union. Taking President Trump’s lead, he withdrew Brazil from the United Nations’ global migration pact, joining a handful countries rejecting the agreement that sets new framework for immigration with little regard for sovereignty of individual nations.

President Bolsonaro seeks closer ties to the U.S.

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They tried mortal gods, faith, religions, and diversity. They have returned to God, faith, religion, and people… persons… “People and Posterity”, and a dynamic, responsive economic system.

    Whitewall in reply to n.n. | November 23, 2019 at 4:53 pm

    They tried those as well as the State. It wasn’t an elimination of traditional religion but a competition between religions.

I guess that explains why all teh Brizilains had been crossing the border where BUILD THE WALL started construction. If you doubt me check with teh local CPB officials.

President Trump should do something similar.
I am sick and tired of Democrats and I am sick and tired of Republicans.

Fight “globalism and communism”. The two seem to be in kind of a perverted merger.

Brazil is very fortunate – VERY fortunate – to have the likes of this man be able to arise at this point in their history.

There should be a new day of international Thanksgiving, celebrating the elections of Trump and Bolsonaro.

When Pope Dope kicks the bucket, there should be a new Halloween day, where the ghouls are obama, clinton, Pope Dope, kerry, comey, biden, lois lerner and the like.

We could use another couple of days to enjoy.

While I would be cautious – charlatans invoke “God” – the idolatry of globalism, secularism, and socialism must be ended.

“This hysterical portrait, however, couldn’t be further from reality.”

FIFY – damned autocorrect…