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Branco Cartoon – No Crimes

Branco Cartoon – No Crimes

Making it up as they go.

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Missing was “Donald Trump being elected POTUS”.

smalltownoklahoman | November 18, 2019 at 8:18 am

Yup, any excuse is a good excuse for them!

Also missing: Denying Dems the presidency, or heck just resisting them at all!

Beat Hillary in a rigged election…
Is accomplishing a lot of things in spite of “resistance” which is a warfare type of action…
Has a hairstyle they don’t like…
Fights back against the establishment…
Makes calls to other countries leaders without permission from the State Department…

And the one that really gets their panties in a twist: he fights back!

This whole “impeachment inquiry” is just so Kafkaesque.

Two scoops of ice cream!

I still don’t get what was supposed to be wrong with that.

Thank God he never ordered pineapple on a pizza.

The cartoon may be right in that it is illegal to spit on the sidewalk in his California district, but I think there is a lot of Schiff on the sidewalk.

As always, spot on!

Also left off bullying. Which somebody (Schiff? Pelosi?) was actually claiming was an impeachable offense. (Well, maybe — if you’re 12 years old…)

Time to start an “impeach D-21 campaign.” There have been 20 Democrats presidents. Let them know that whoever is 21 will be impeached.

He missed “Getting elected President as a Republican”!

When I first heard of you they said you are a cartoonist, but you paint portraits with commentary. Well done.

You forgot blasphemy and sacrilege. The Great Goddess Historically Imperative Progress demanded that Shrillary Shroooooo be elected POTUS in 2016, but The Donald botched it by winning according to the COnstitution of the USA.