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Boston College Students and Faculty Want School to Reject Koch Foundation Funding

Boston College Students and Faculty Want School to Reject Koch Foundation Funding

“climate denier dollars.”

This is so confusing. The left says billionaires should be forced to fund all the things they want but when billionaires give the money voluntarily, they don’t want it?

Religion News Service reports:

Boston College students and faculty push to reject Koch funding — and Koch values

As Boston College finalizes the details of a potential Koch Foundation donation to its political science department, some students and faculty at the Jesuit-run institution are hoping to pressure university administrators into reconsidering the grant.

“It feels like a violation that we, as the student body, haven’t been taken into consideration,” said Carmen Chu, a sophomore political science major. “We don’t want our school accepting money from donors who are actively trying to control the political dialogue in the United States. … Especially because the Jesuit education so strongly emphasizes scientific inquiry and searching for truth and social justice, and the Koch brothers so obviously don’t align with that.”

At a rally on campus last week, organized by the student group Climate Justice at BC, Chu and other campus activists spoke to a gathering of 150 students, faculty and alumni, huddled in thick jackets while holding posters and candles.

“Are these our Jesuit values?” read one poster set up at the plaza outside the school’s O’Neill Library. Other signs accused the administration of accepting “dirty money” and urged officials to instead put the “planet over profit” by rejecting “climate denier dollars.”


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It’s not that confusing. They want to take from billionaires, not let them give. It maintains the evil billionaire status quo mythos that they are conjuring.