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Activists at Brown University Discuss Plan to Eliminate Prisons in America

Activists at Brown University Discuss Plan to Eliminate Prisons in America

“The end goal is to not have prisons as any form of incarceration”

When people entertain ideas like this, they should be told that they are not serious people. This is ridiculous.

What are you going to do with violent criminals? Send them to the safe space?

The College Fix reports:

Brown University activists discuss eliminating the nation’s prisons

Last Wednesday, members of the student activist group RailRoad held a confab at Brown University to discuss the eventual dismantling of the country’s prisons.

According to its Facebook page, RailRoad seeks “a world where the Prison Industrial Complex in all of its forms has been destroyed and built in its place are systems of accountability that allow for healing and growth.”

Some members of the group say mere prison reform is “insufficient,” The Brown Daily Herald reports.

Student Grace Austin said “The end goal is to not have prisons as any form of incarceration” because “punishment at any stage doesn’t guarantee any kind of growth.”

RailRoad member Aida Sherif added that “prisons were founded in the ideas of punishing the poor, punishing people of color.” Sherif believes American society “is constructed in a way” that people believe prisons are a necessary thing … that it is “crazy, unreasonable [and] dangerous” to do away with them.

“Abolition is not anarchy,” she said.


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The only way this idea could work is to vastly increase capital punishment. Hang all those in prison that you can’t allow back on the streets.

You can ignore reality, but ultimately, you cannot ignore the consequences of doing so.

    Reality is a concept that is completely alien to our youth. You can thank their Leftist teachers, the Leftist-controlled media, and the Leftist-controlled popular culture for that.

After doing a show in prison, Richard Pryor flat out stated “thank God there are prisons.”

For a long time I have stated that at some point “A Clockwork Orange” will be viewed as a documentary, and we are fast approaching that time.

So what do they propose to do with people like pedophiles, who can’t be cured, and have a high rate of recidivism? what about rapists and serial killers and murderers? There are some people who simply aren’t capable of “growth”.

    chocopot in reply to rochf. | November 12, 2019 at 12:13 pm

    Please do not ask questions for which the Leftists have no answers. They will get angry and they they get violent.

If there is anyone out there with a functioning brain who still had any doubts that our youth, the future of this nation, are completely divorced from reality, this article should end those doubts. We are toast…

Activist and activism are code words for a variety of sociopathic mental deficiencies.

Easy fix! Send all current and future inmates to the Brown University campus…