The Wisconsin Board of Regents wants to punish students who are repeat offenders. That is absolutely the right thing to do. Why does Tony Evers oppose this?

The College Fix reports:

Wisconsin governor vows to kill plan to punish campus disruptors

On Friday, a spokesman for Democratic Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers said he would kill a plan moving through the state of Wisconsin Board of Regents that would punish students who frequently disrupted campus speakers.

“He didn’t support it on the Board of Regents and still doesn’t support it,” Evers spokeswoman Melissa Baldauff told The College Fix.

Friday morning, the regents took a procedural vote to authorize the administration to draft a formal rule that could expel students who disrupted campus speakers three times. In October of 2017, the Regents approved a similar “policy” change that must now be backed up with a formal rule.

Prior to being elected governor, Evers voted against the policy change in 2017, calling it “a solution seeking a problem.” As a member of the Board of Regents, Evers argued the university already had existing policies that dealt with this issue and issues of improper behavior.

“Nothing has changed,” said Baldauff.

The authorization Friday passed by a voice vote, but is only the first in a series of votes the regents will undertake before the rule is sent to Evers for approval. The next vote will be to post notice for a public hearing on the rule draft, and the final vote, expected in April, will be to approve the rule and send it to the governor.


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