You may have seen the unhinged antics of left-wing Trump haters in Minneapolis after the Trump rally there this week, but this actually happened before the event. A man in a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat was being interviewed by a reporter for Vice when a random protester spit on his face.

Matt Vespa of Townhall provides details:

What Happened To This Trump Supporter At The Minneapolis Rally Perfectly Captures The Left In 2020

Okay—we all know the Left hates Trump, but they may hate his supporters even more. The president’s rally in Minneapolis was dotted with left-wing thugs who harassed and assaulted Trump supporters because having a view that isn’t to the left of Lenin is intolerable to these clowns. We’re all Nazis in the eyes of these people.

They’ve become totally unhinged by the 2016 election and this incident last night toward one Trump supporter, who was being interviewed by Vice News, perfectly captures how extreme liberals have become: he was spat on.

The supporter, Dave Carlson, wasn’t angry. He took it in stride. The host was visibly shocked by the action. Another man is seen apologizing for the incident. Another individual, while not a supporter of the president, also came up to Carlson to say what happened to him was not appropriate, but added that his MAGA hat was also “disrespectful as f**k.”

Watch the video below, and note the shock on the reporter’s face when it happens:

That moment demonstrates quite a contrast in behavior, doesn’t it?

Is anyone else surprised by the reporter’s shock in the video? Has she been paying attention for the last three years? Many Democrats and some of their allies in the media have encouraged this sort of thing and it’s certainly not the first time it has happened.

What do people expect to happen when Democratic presidential candidates go on national television and call Trump a criminal, traitor, fascist, Nazi, illegitimate president, who puts children in concentration camps with little to no push back from the media?

John Nolte of Breitbart News has compiled a list of 639 acts of violence and harassment against Trump supporters, which stopped updating in November of last year.

This man in Minneapolis handled the situation perfectly but sooner or later, someone is not going to respond in a very different way.

Featured image via YouTube.


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