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U. Wisconsin Pulls Promotional Video for Homecoming that Didn’t Include Minorities

U. Wisconsin Pulls Promotional Video for Homecoming that Didn’t Include Minorities

“regretted omitting images of students from underrepresented populations”

It’s surprising that no one had the foresight to know this would be a problem.

The Badger Herald reports:

UW homecoming committee removes promotional video after backlash

The University of Wisconsin Homecoming Committee posted a video Monday in an attempt to get students excited for upcoming homecoming festivities. But, the UW community quickly responded with criticisms.

The committee has since removed the video from their social media accounts. Additionally, they posted an apology on their Facebook and Instagram accounts that said the regretted omitting images of students from underrepresented populations.

Someone saved the video and you can see it below:


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The Friendly Grizzly | October 2, 2019 at 10:45 am

What is an underrepresented population?

Another question: how many of the “underrepresented” that are there to actually learn something and get a meaningful degree, even care about the video in the first place?

If I were on that Homecoming Committee, I’d quit and let the POC’s all have it next year. Wow, too much trouble and grief. They probably didn’t have a lot of enthusiastic POC volunteers, but if they don’t have any next year, there shouldn’t be any homecoming committee because it’s their turn to run it or not.

Someone said in a comment that the campus has diversity but not inclusion, and that’s probably true. (I haven’t been there in decades, never enrolled there, so this is speculation.) So what, there isn’t inclusion? That means everyone’s happy doing their thing and there’s a thing for the whites and there are other things for the POC’s, and probably not much strife.

One would think that if a minority was so concerned, that person would want to volunteer on the committee?
My guess, such a video will in the future have to have quotas- including every group imaginable. Just like we see on TV commercials. Forced diversity for all!