The crowd for this protest was laughably small.

The College Fix reports:

Students hold sit-in at U. Minnesota president’s office to demand campus cops be disarmed

A whopping eight University of Minnesota students held a sit-in at President Joan Gabel’s office on Friday to demand the disarmament of campus police.

They also demanded an “increase [in] the diversity of the student population,” for what it’s worth.

The protest by the Students for a Democratic Society kept alive the (former) issue from over a year ago, when almost double the number of Friday’s total demonstrated outside of UMPD headquarters.

According to the Minnesota Daily, the activists cleverly referred to their protest as a “study-in” because, after all, besides maintaining social justice bonafides, students are still responsible for doing classwork and taking exams!

From the story:

The sit-in is part of a broader campaign by the student group this year to demand action by the University.

“This is essentially a reminder that we expect these demands to be met,” said Jackson Bianchi, an organizer for the event. …

“The goal is to occupy space … to keep it chill and study,” said Jack Nimz, another SDS member who organized the event.

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