The student in this case actually filed a complaint and claimed he felt unsafe on campus.

The College Fix reports:

Student files complaint against pro-life group, saying there’s too much free speech

While walking on the Florida State University campus earlier this year, a student noticed a pro-life group holding signs “advocating for anti-abortion propaganda.”

According to the student, the protesters “were stopping innocent students simply trying to walk to their classes by harassing them and forcing their own beliefs onto these students.”

“Campus is supposed to be a safe environment and I was extremely uncomfortable and disappointed in FSU today,” the student said. “Nothing was being done to protect students from this harassment.”

“I understand that freedom of speech is a crucial part of today’s world, however, it should not be to this extent while on a school campus,” the student wrote in a March complaint to the FSU campus behavior reporting system.

In the complaint, the student recommended “Some sort of action to prevent [groups] from being able to harass others while walking to class,” saying “this is not the first time that I have felt uncomfortable while on campus.”

This complaint is one of the 31 filed with FSU during the 2018-19 school year that have been obtained by The College Fix through a public records act request. The names of the individuals involved were redacted by the university to protect their identities.


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