It’s not uncommon for people who are gay and conservative to say that it was easier for them to come out as gay than conservative.

The College Fix reports:

Texas State U. student government labels ‘come out as conservative’ event ‘homophobic’

The Texas State University Student Government recently issued a resolution calling a “coming out as conservative” (on a liberal campus) event “homophobic.”

The Texas State chapter of Young Conservatives of Texas held the event on October 8 which featured a metaphorical closet through which conservative students could walk and “reveal” their politics.

This did not sit well with, among others, Student Senator Colton Halter who labeled the YCT’s idea “homophobic” during Student Government’s order of the day, according to The University Star. Student Government President Corey Benbow added that the YCT “affected […] students in an offensive manner.”

The resolution “disapproves of the student organization for violating the shared values of Texas State and expression of homophobia and bias.”


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