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Stanford University Stripping Campus Buildings of Names With ‘Complex Legacies’

Stanford University Stripping Campus Buildings of Names With ‘Complex Legacies’

“In 2018, a committee formed to address buildings named after people with “complex legacies.””

All this does is make campus social justice warriors feel better. It serves no other purpose.

Campus Reform reports:

Stanford strips campus buildings of names with ‘complex legacies’

Stanford University has now officially wiped itself clean of any major references to California Mission system founder Father Junipero Serra, reasoning that the historic mission system “inflicted great harm and violence.”

Previously called “Serra Mall,” the university’s main street will now be called “Jane Stanford Way.” The “Serra Dormitory” will now be called the “Sally Ride House,” and a building previously dubbed the “Serra House” is now the “Carolyn Lewis Attneave House.”

In 2018, a committee formed to address buildings named after people with “complex legacies.” The committee ultimately decided to remove major references to the historical figure on campus because the California mission system “inflicted great harm and violence on Native Americans, and Stanford has several features named for Serra even though he played no direct role in the university’s history.”

All three sites in question have now been officially renamed. The choice to name the main road after Jane Stanford comes from the fact that no campus landmarks were named after her, reported The Stanford Daily. Stanford University was co-founded by Jane Stanford and her husband Leland Stanford, and as such the university is named “Stanford University.”

But the university feels it is important to honor Jane specifically in this way and will be adding supplemental signs to the new official street signs to communicate why it changed the name.

Associate Vice President for Campus Engagement Matthew Tiews said that the university is also “pursuing new ways of honoring the contributions of Native Americans at Stanford and the fact that the university’s lands are the homeland of the Muwekma Ohlone people.”


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It seems that mostly what they’re doing is erasing men and replacing them with women.

I would like to think that the Stanford name itself has so far gotten the golden pass because these ignorant youngsters haven’t bothered to do their historical research. But, alas, it’s also entirely possible that they or some of them know about it, but don’t care because the brutal racism he expressed was directed at a disfavored minority as to which racism against them by both Blacks and Whites is still tacitly or even overtly accepted.

Here is but one example: In a message to the California legislature in January 1862, Governor Leland Stanford, who later founded Stanford University, even while the Americans were fighting a vicious civil war based or derived on the fraught mingling of Africans and Europeans on the same continent,said:

“To my mind it is clear, that the settlement among us of an inferior race is to be discouraged by every legitimate means. Asia, with her numberless millions, sends to our shores the dregs of her population. Large numbers of this class are already here; and, unless we do something early to check their immigration, the question, which of the two tides of immigration, meeting upon the shores of the Pacific, shall be turned back, will be forced upon our consideration, when far more difficult than now of disposal. There can be no doubt but that the presence among us of numbers of degraded and distinct people must exercise a deleterious influence upon the superior race, and to a certain extent, repel desirable immigration.”

It later was revealed that Governor Stanford himself arranged the importation of many thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of this “inferior race” to help build his Central Pacific Railroad!

so, let me get this straight. the saint that pretty much pioneered most of what is now california is not acceptable do to his ‘complex legacy’. but, three women who (with the exception of sally ride) have done nothing of note are okey dokey. all righty then.

These name changes are normal and expected procedures for the Stalinization of Stanford. Rewriting history is one of the crucial steps for socialists to take over.

Other crucial steps are:
1. Disarming the population. (nearly finished in CA)
2. Ending free speech by prohibiting “hate speech” that opposes the ruling class. (well under way in CA)
3. Putting their opponents in prison. (The Democrats in the House of Reps are currently working on this.)
4. Seizing control of the means of production. (This will require taking over Amazon, Facebook, and Apple. The sympathetic CEOs will probably make this easy.)

    venril in reply to OldProf2. | October 7, 2019 at 12:05 pm

    And all of those are being advocated for by folks in government at various levels, not just some wackjob in mom’s basement. And they’re being far more brazen about it.

When does the book burning begin?

I suggest they name a street “Craphole Court” in honor of all the 3rd-world invaders who have added so much diversity to the land of fruits and nuts.