This sounds like something out of a Monty Python sketch but it’s completely real.

People reports:

Rutgers University Students Put Dead Dining Hall Lobster in Tree, Jokingly Make ‘Pilgrimages’ to It

What seemingly started as a prank by Rutgers University students has turned into a school-wide meme.

Each September, the university’s dining halls host a smorgasbord of seafood — lobster, crab, bisque, flounder, salmon, shrimp, and more — in their annual King Neptune Night for students.

After this year’s feast, some students decided to jokingly take a lobster from the all-you-can-eat event and place it in a tree on campus, according to The Daily Targum, the university’s official student newspaper.

Although the crustacean slowly rotted away over its three-week stay in the tree — presumably removed by university officials on Oct. 18 — students have come to memorialize its presence with a new make-shift lobster made out of pinecones and tape. Others have even joked about starting a petition to make it a historical monument on campus.

“It’s gotten like a cult and religious following,” Jericho Bautista, a senior at Rutgers’ School of Arts and Sciences, told the campus publication of the tree lobster. “It’s really cool that someone put a lobster in a very obvious and reachable spot and no one thought of taking it away for a good three weeks.”


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