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Report: Hillary’s Publicist Pressured Ronan Farrow Over Harvey Weinstein Story: It’s a ‘Concern for Us’

Report: Hillary’s Publicist Pressured Ronan Farrow Over Harvey Weinstein Story: It’s a ‘Concern for Us’

Farrow’s upcoming book reportedly details the incident.

The Hollywood Reporter released a preview of Ronan Farrow’s new book Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies, and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators, which included a bombshell about Hillary Clinton’s publicist.

Farrow claimed Nick Merrill, the publicist, tried to put pressure on him about his Harvey Weinstein expose.

Farrow has become a leading voice to take down the predators in Hollywood. Former media mogul Weinstein is the biggest fish everyone has known about his predatory ways for years.

The relationship between the Clintons and Weinstein is not a secret. Therefore it should not shock anyone that Weinstein allegedly tried to use this relationship to silence Farrow:

Weinstein also attempted to leverage his long-term relationship with Hillary Clinton to pressure Farrow, he writes. In summer 2017, while Farrow was trying to lock down an interview with Clinton for his foreign policy book — while also still working on the Weinstein story — he received a call from Clinton’s publicist, Nick Merrill, who told him that the “big story” Farrow was working on was a “concern for us.” Then, in September 2017, according to an email cited in the book, Weinstein wrote to Deborah Turness, the ex-president of NBC News who now runs NBC News International, to propose a docuseries on Clinton. “Your Hillary doc series sounds absolutely stunning,” Turness responded.

Merrill responded on Twitter but did not address the accusation he applied the pressure on Farrow. It sounds like a non-denial denial.

Hillary Clinton: Champion of Women! Remember this?

Back in 2014, Hillary called Monica Lewinsky a “narcissistic loony toon.”

The left turned against Hillary in October 2018 for her tone-deaf remarks about Lewinsky. She claimed Bill did not abuse his power when he had an affair with then-intern Lewinsky nor a reason to resign.

Juanita Broaddrick alleges Bill raped her. She also said Hillary threatened her:

Broaddrick first spoke out about Hillary Clinton’s attempts to silence her in 1999, when she told the Drudge Report that Hillary Clinton approached her at a political rally to thank her for keeping quiet about the alleged assault.

“She caught me and took my hand and said, ‘I am so happy to meet you. I want you to know that we appreciate everything you do for Bill,'” Broaddrick recalled. “I started to turn away and she held onto my hand and reiterated her phrase—looking less friendly and repeated her statement—’everything you do for Bill.'”

Broaddrick said Hillary Clinton wouldn’t let her “get away until she made her point.”

“She talked low, the smile faded on the second thank you,” Broaddrick continued. “I just released her hand from mine and left the gathering.”

She brushed aside Gennifer Flowers, who said Bill kept her as a mistress for 12 years. She dissed females who decide to stay at home and raise a family.

Is anyone shocked Hillary would choose to aid Weinstein instead of helping his victims?


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What’s the complaint here. Ronan Farrow is still alive, isn’t he?

    Escaped from RI in reply to dystopia. | October 11, 2019 at 11:54 am

    Bill and I are saddened to hear of Ronan Farrow’s suicide next Sunday morning. We respected Ronan’s work, but he was obviously a troubled young man. – Hillary Rodham Clinton

    clerk in reply to dystopia. | October 11, 2019 at 1:02 pm

    Did they ever find out who shot Seth Rich twice in the back. Wikipedia calls claims that his death is anything but a random crime a “right wing conspiracy theory”.

ScottTheEngineer | October 11, 2019 at 10:59 am

For now. Until he slips and falls in the shower gym equipment while cleaning his gun and shoots himself in the back of the head.

Democrats can do amazing things.

The ugly truth is Democrats don’t mind sexual sickos (Weinstein, Epstein, Clinton, Lauer, Reid, et al) , as long as the big campaign contributions roll into their coffers, policies get enacted, and butt kissing praise heaped upon their anointed leaders.

Bonus question: How do you know when a politician is lying?

casualobserver | October 11, 2019 at 12:08 pm

Either Farrow’s book is going to be a real goldmine of information about how politics and Hollywood are woven like navy rope, or his publisher’s marketing group are freakin’ geniuses.

“It’s a concern to us..”

Translation: “You are dead meat if you mention Bill and Hillary in this book…”