The protests outside of President Donald Trump’s Minnesota rally took a violent turn as supporters left the Target Center.

I guess the supporters triggered the anti-Trump people just by their presence because they then burned Trump memorabilia like the MAGA hats, confronted the police, and threw urine.

The police “formed a protective line in front of the arena” to help the supporters leave the arena. They had to move through the crowd of protesters “with batons and shields” to protect themselves.

From Fox News:

Cell phone video posted by Star Tribune reporter Chao Xiong showed Trump supporters walking through a crowd of protesters outside the Target Center in Minneapolis, shouting, “Lock him up” and “Shame on you.”

A reporter for The Washington Post posted a video on Twitter that appeared to show a protester punch a Trump supporter in the back of the head as he left the rally. The crowd can be heard shouting “Nazi scum! Off our streets!” The video shows a Trump supporter being followed by protesters before someone calls out “There’s a Nazi over here,” prompting the attack.

The apparent Trump supporter was also slapped and pushed before eventually running to safety.

A reporter with The St. Cloud Times confirmed someone threw urine. The protest got so out of hand the police had to use pepper spray.

One protester complained the police paid attention to the wrong group of people:

One woman WCCO spoke with last night was concerned by the number of police surrounding protesters. She felt officers were focusing on the wrong group.

“Right-wing extremism is the largest terrorist group around the world. It’s not ISIS. It is not left-wing liberals. It is right-wing extremists, which is the largest killer around the world and (the police) are facing towards the people who are concerned about that,” protester Keri Pickett said. “I think that’s a problem”

Okay, lady. Whatever you say. Let’s look at the video evidence, which proves your side deserved the police’s attention.


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