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Ohio State University Now Offering Certificate in ‘Diversity’

Ohio State University Now Offering Certificate in ‘Diversity’

“give students the skills needed to thrive in diverse workplaces, teams and other social environments”

When I created the attached image, the idea of ‘diversity studies’ was a joke. Now it’s becoming a real thing.

The College Fix reports:

Ohio State University to offer new ‘diversity’ certificate

Ohio State University’s College of Arts and Sciences will begin offering a 12-hour “interdisciplinary diversity, equity and inclusion” certificate which aims to “give students the skills needed to thrive in diverse workplaces, teams and other social environments.”

It will be available to undergraduates and those with a bachelor’s degree.

The program’s goal, according to The Lantern, is to “create future leaders with an in-depth understanding of contemporary social inequalities.”

Wendy Smooth, who holds the titles of associate dean for diversity, equity and inclusion and chief diversity officer for the College of Arts and Sciences, says the program will appeal to students “interested in ‘cracking the puzzles’ of institutional racism in the United States”:

Our employers want students who understand these backgrounds, so to be able to have that marker on your transcript that you are graduating with a specialized certificate in diversity, equity and inclusion is a real statement to employers that you are ready to engage with some of the 21st-century questions that employers are grappling with.

The program’s creators are sociology professors (surprise!): Reanne Frank, whose research interests include immigration/migration and racial/ethnic inequality, and Townsand Price-Spratlen who studies “community capacity building process” which includes “the role of grassroots organizing in desistance and post-prison reintegration success.”


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Great. Now they will have an official certificate for virtue-signaling. So Wendy Smooth will have to be promoted to vice-president, so she can hire a retinue of sycophants to enforce “diversity,” which usually implies racial discrimination of some sort.

If I were hiring employees, I would look upon the “Diversity Certificate” the same way I would look on a major in “Gender Studies” or one of the various “Ethnic Studies.” It suggests the person may be a troublemaker, and is likely to value people more based on their race, sex, etc. than on their personal qualities and abilities.

This is the type of program that the universities should eliminate to bring back sanity to universities and reduce costs. Kill off all ethnic studies and related departments and programs. Everyone teaching in these fields or working in administration for these departments should be fired also.

    A Punk Named Yunk in reply to ConradCA. | November 6, 2019 at 10:51 am

    Oh, how naive we’d have to be to expect universities to cut out these bovine manure study programs. I used to comment about this in college, over 40 years ago. A course or two about specific ethnic groups, perhaps as an elective in anthropology or social work majors, but whole programs? Up to PHD’s? Are they insane? Well, apparently they were then and it ain’t gotten any saner since then.

    In Robert Heinlein’s “Stranger in a Strange Land”, Doctor Harshaw (MD, LLD) disdains the title “doctor” since universities started handing out doctorates in Comparative Folk Dancing. And *that* was written in the 1960’s.

    Are we there yet? I’m afraid we are.

    I inadvertently clicked the thumb-down and this forum won’t allow me to correct for it.

“Sheffield University has banned students from wearing sombreros as fancy dress, angering many of them, including some from Mexico.”
Irony from Britain. Nice to see not All the students are Snowflakey – but pity their UNIVERSITY is..

Imagine the outrage if their “certificate” is printed with the same font …

Get it?

Wow. A real resume enhancer.

well spent student loan money, i guess

Barry Soetoro | November 1, 2019 at 4:26 pm

How valuable can a university certificate be if it can be earned in only 12 hours?