When I created the attached image, the idea of ‘diversity studies’ was a joke. Now it’s becoming a real thing.

The College Fix reports:

Ohio State University to offer new ‘diversity’ certificate

Ohio State University’s College of Arts and Sciences will begin offering a 12-hour “interdisciplinary diversity, equity and inclusion” certificate which aims to “give students the skills needed to thrive in diverse workplaces, teams and other social environments.”

It will be available to undergraduates and those with a bachelor’s degree.

The program’s goal, according to The Lantern, is to “create future leaders with an in-depth understanding of contemporary social inequalities.”

Wendy Smooth, who holds the titles of associate dean for diversity, equity and inclusion and chief diversity officer for the College of Arts and Sciences, says the program will appeal to students “interested in ‘cracking the puzzles’ of institutional racism in the United States”:

Our employers want students who understand these backgrounds, so to be able to have that marker on your transcript that you are graduating with a specialized certificate in diversity, equity and inclusion is a real statement to employers that you are ready to engage with some of the 21st-century questions that employers are grappling with.

The program’s creators are sociology professors (surprise!): Reanne Frank, whose research interests include immigration/migration and racial/ethnic inequality, and Townsand Price-Spratlen who studies “community capacity building process” which includes “the role of grassroots organizing in desistance and post-prison reintegration success.”


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