I appeared tonight on Tucker Carlson Tonight to provide an update on the Gibson’s Bakery v. Oberlin College case.

I’m in D.C. for my lecture Friday night about the case. (The event is sold out, btw).

It was my first time doing an on-set interview, and it was fun.

(transcript to follow)

TUCKER: In late 2016, three students at Oberlin college, maybe the most liberal college in the country, tried to rob a small family business near the school called Gibson’s Bakery. Tried to steal a bottle of booze among other things. When they were caught, one of them assaulted the son of the bakery’s owner, physically. One response to that, Oberlin college amazingly attack the bakery as racist and tried to destroy it. Tried to run it out of business. Well, they sued and a few months ago a jury awarded, ordered Oberlin to pay the Gibson family $44 million in damages. So that’s where we last left this story. What happened next?

Bill Jacobson has followed this story closer than maybe anybody and thank God he has. He’s a professor at Cornell Law School. He joins us tonight on the set. So Bill, what happened? 44 million, is the Gibson family enjoying their award?

WAJ: No, they’re not. The college continues to fight it. Irony of ironies, liberal Oberlin invoked Republican tort reform caps and got the award reduced from 44 million to 25 …

TUCKER: You’re making that up.

WAJ: I’m not making that up. And then the judge awarded six and a half million dollars of legal fees for Gibsons. So it’s about 32 million that Oberlin owes. They are continuing to fight it. They have appealed it. They’re continuing to attack the bakery.

In fact, in a really extraordinary move after the trial was over, they tried to get unsealed Facebook records from one of the Gibson’s children. The clerk who stopped the students, who wasn’t a party, didn’t testify. And why release these Facebook records? Is because Oberlin continues to demonize this small family bakery, refuses to accept any responsibility for what they did to them, and shows no remorse and they’re appealing it. They’ve hired additional lawyers for the appeal. They’ve already spent, or their insurers has spent, $5 million fighting this little bakery and they just cannot seem to accept it.

TUCKER: Shafting the little people. Oberlin, meanwhile for our viewers who aren’t aware of what it is, is like kind of the stereotype of the annoying liberal rich kid school. I mean, it’s not actually like a real college, but it’s incredibly expensive and they have a lot of money. Why don’t they just pay?

WAJ: Well, because you know, they have a reputation of being a little kooky lefty sort of school, but they’ve really shown a very cold heart here. They have been completely heartless towards this bakery. They have no empathy towards the bakery. It’s almost a sociopathic sort of malevolence towards this bakery because the bakery stood up to them. And it’s really bizarre. I don’t know what’s going on there, but I know a lot of alumni are very upset about it. And I would be too, if I were an Oberlin alum, because the value of your degree has been diminished by multiple administrations at Oberlin who simply want to crush this little family bakery and it makes no sense in any real world.

TUCKER: The degree is less than worthless. I mean it, I would never hire someone, someone who went there. But this is so revealing. Scratch a liberal and you find a fascist. Bill Jacobson, what a public service you have done following this story. I hope you will come back here. Thanks. We’ll celebrate when they finally get their money.


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