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Nancy Pelosi takes break from impeachment maneuvering to chastise Trump for not telling her in advance about al-Baghdadi raid

Nancy Pelosi takes break from impeachment maneuvering to chastise Trump for not telling her in advance about al-Baghdadi raid

Leaking has consequences.

Nancy Pelosi is upset that Trump didn’t tell her in advance about the Special Forces raid that killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Trump explained in his press conference that he informed countries, including Russia and others, over whose territory or through whose air defenses U.S. forces had to fly that an operation was underway, but did not inform them of the purpose. That was necessary to avoid fire on U.S. aircraft.

But Trump didn’t inform Congressional leaders until the troops were safely out of harms way, because he feared the leaks that have plagued congress and his own administration would endanger the troops.

Nancy Pelosi is not happy. In her belated statement on the mission, she complained (emphasis added):

“Americans salute the heroism, dedication and skill of our military and our intelligence professionals and acknowledge the work of our partners in the region.  We are relieved that no U.S. personnel died in this daring raid.

“The death of al-Baghdadi is significant, but the death of this ISIS leader does not mean the death of ISIS.  Scores of ISIS fighters remain under uncertain conditions in Syrian prisons, and countless others in the region and around the world remain intent on spreading their influence and committing acts of terror.

“This month, the House passed a joint resolution on an overwhelmingly bipartisan 354-60 basis which rejects President Trump’s green-lighting of Turkish aggression into Syria against our Kurdish partners, and calls on him to present a clear strategy to defeat ISIS.  The House must be briefed on this raid, which the Russians but not top Congressional Leadership were notified of in advance, and on the Administration’s overall strategy in the region.  Our military and allies deserve strong, smart and strategic leadership from Washington.”

Leaking has consequences.


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I can hear the world’s smallest violin playing…

“for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Or a woman.

Maybe Nan should have a talk with Schifforbrains about loose lips?

Dear Nan (as a stand-in proxy for the left), Now why would Trump tell his enemies about his plans?

FortesFortunaJuvat | October 27, 2019 at 1:01 pm

There’s this thing called “need to know”. she didn’t need to know.

When Trump first became President, he offered to work together with the Dems to pass important bills and to create a new program to address the country’s infrastructure problems. He also said they could work with him to accomplish important work, or they could spend all their time investigating him and trying to impeach him.

The Dems made their choice to declare war on Trump. They constantly leak all the confidential information they can get if it will make Trump look bad. They could easily have leaked the Baghdadi raid, so Trump wouldn’t be credited with catching him.

The Dems chose to treat Trump as an enemy, and they are crazy if they expect him to treat them like trusted allies and share confidential information with them.

She would have immediately have Schiff leak to CNN so as to warn Baghdadi. Omar likely had him on speed dial.

The Russians weren’t told the details of the raid. They can’t be trusted either.

The Russians and other countries in the area were told that American forces were conducting an operation in a certain area so that the Russians and the other countries with military forces didn’t attack the American forces by mistake.

    Russia would have supported the attack. They hate ISIS at least as much as we do. But they can’t be trusted with the information in advance. Apparently, no one can. Globalists don’t recognize national sovereignty not nations.

“The House must be briefed on this raid”

They can read about in the papers. Just like Obama did when he found out what was going on in his WH.

Our military and allies deserve strong, smart and strategic leadership from Washington.”

and they have it, nancy, sans any of your bullshite

Perhaps Speaker Pelosi should reread Article 2 of the Constitution, with particular attention to the part about the President being solely responsible as the Commander and Chief of the armed forces.

Even the War Powers Act does not require the President to inform Congress of military actions in advance. Congress only needs to be informed in the event of protracted combat opperations.

For the last four wars in which the U.S. has been engaged Congress has been a great asset for our enemies.

Nasty Nancy upset. What else is new?

San Fran Nan … just add that as an impeachment charge to all your other bullshit impeachment charges.

theduchessofkitty | October 27, 2019 at 2:22 pm

Why? So you would leak details of the impending raid on Al-Bag-Daddy raid to the press?

The same way the impending dozen ICE raids were leaked to the press months ago – so illegals would find places to hide?

Never again!

We all believe that Pelosi and the others have as part of their decision tree whether to leak the matter. This is why they should never be told anything!

If they want it to change they should open up their impeachment proceedings.

The House member who leaked information in 1943—which the Imperial Japanese Navy subsequently used to sink an estimated 10 American submarines—was a Democrat. And he wasn’t even trying to torpedo a Republican President.

Speaker Pelosi, just *why* did you need to be notified of this raid before it happened? What actions would you have taken if you had been told? Because obviously you could not have told anybody else, since it would have been highly classified, and any objections you had to specific elements of the raid would have already been covered in the planning process.

So what would you have done, Speaker Pelosi?

Operational security: Love it, learn it, practice it, live for the victory party.

Stay in your lane, Nancy. There’s no legal requirement for you to be briefed about every single military mission before it’s executed. The fewer people who know, the greater the chance of success and informing you or Schiff could have resulted in the loss of American lives.

JackinSilverSpring | October 27, 2019 at 5:17 pm

Impeach, impeach cries the wicked witch from the West.

    A Punk Named Yunk in reply to JackinSilverSpring. | October 28, 2019 at 5:49 pm

    There’s more than one wicked witch of the west. Or should I say of the left, since there are wicked personages on both coasts, as well as encroaching on the middle.

Pelosi is a corrupt, sick f**k. Hilarious how the Great One has marginalized her, into what’s looking like she’s living and and running the loony bin from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Crazy Pelosi has only herself to blame.

You don’t alert the mafia when you are going to take out a Capo.

What requirement is there for the President to inform the speaker of his military intents? NONE! STFU Nancy!

Had Pelosi brought the USMCA to the floor of the House, we might have had a reason to trust her…

That’s why you weren’t told, Nancy.

Pewlousey thinks too highly of herself. Thanks to our founding fathers Pewlousey doesn’t merit advance notice of military operations. Her job does not place her in the chain of command. She ought to focus on her job as defined by the Constitution. She ought to deliver an annual balanced budget. She ought to deliver the Fair Tax Act, fully fund the Great Wall of Mexico, and Terminate Congressional junkets.

So Pelosi, who cant sit down in a meeting for 15 minutes without calling him names, shaking her finger at him and then storming out of the meeting to go straight to a press conference….that woman wants the president to keep her informed? A known securiity threat? A seial leaker?

I hope she hangs herself out of frustration

By her complaint, Speaker Pelosi has announced that (a) she isn’t as important as she thinks she is, and (b) the President doesn’t trust her.

Why she would want the world to know this about herself?

President Trump should always limit what he tells leaky sieve congress.

A Punk Named Yunk | October 28, 2019 at 10:43 am

Since San Fran Nan (Thanks for that one, Walls) has shown she cannot work with POTUS, I think POTUS should treat her (as well as Shiff & Nadler) as personna non grata and refuse to speak with them at all. Steers cannot negotiate with meat packers. (That pearl is from Robert Heinlein’s “The Puppet Masters”.)