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Gay Men Left Out of University’s LGBT Month Programming

Gay Men Left Out of University’s LGBT Month Programming

“offering program on half a dozen queer identities”

Are gay men problematic for the left now? Are they part of the so-called ‘toxic masculinity’ we’ve been told is such a big problem?

The College Fix reports:

University’s LGBT Month programming celebrates half a dozen queer identities. Gay men are not one of them.

A public university is hosting programming for LGBTQIA+ History Month in an effort to educate students about different spectrums of sexuality, with the school offering program on half a dozen queer identities. Conspicuously absent among them: Gay men.

The University of Alabama marks October as LGBTQIA+ History Month and as part of its monthlong programming is hosting talks for students about various types of LGBT “identities and their histories,” according to the school’s website. The programming covers well-known LGBT variants such as lesbianism and bisexuality, as well as more avant-garde sexualities and identities including asexuality, aromanticism, pansexuality, transgenderism and gender non-conformism.

Yet the university’s scheduled list of LGBT talks does not include a presentation on gay men, a demographic that forms a significant percentage of the LGBT community.

The talks are sponsored by the university’s Spectrum organization, the stated goal of which is to provide “understanding and education within the university and its surrounding communities of LGBTQIA+ individuals and (prevent) discrimination against them.”

The College Fix reached out to the school’s Spectrum group, university media relations and the school’s Safe Zone club to ask why the presentation subjects excluded gay men and if the school is planning on hosting any events specifically for or about that demographic. The Fix also inquired about how LGBTQIA+ History Month started at the university and how well-attended the events are. None of these organizations responded to multiple emails.


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The Friendly Grizzly | October 21, 2019 at 9:43 am

I “play for the other team”, yet, were I still attending university, all I’d want is to go to class, study, and get my degree.