Does this even qualify as hazing? It sounds more like community service.

The College Fix reports:

Ohio University suspended fraternity because it made pledges … clean houses

During my freshmen orientation, the administration forced new students to do a community volunteering activity. My group cleared brush in a field. It was fun because we got to know each other.

Ohio University is far more concerned than my alma mater about students having to do anything.

Student newspaper The Post reports on the allegations that led the administration to punish several Greek-life organizations, and some of them are real head-scratchers.

The Acacia fraternity received a “cease and desist” partly because someone apparently passed along a pledge’s academic journal entry to administrators:

“On Monday night all 25 pledges and I went and cleaned 5 houses as part of our ‘hazing’ and what sounds like a rough time just brought us closer together and made us push through the work,” the anonymous journal entry said.

In other words: student enjoys male-bonding exercise, administration pounces.

The other “hazing” allegation came from a sorority member who told the administration “she noticed loud music being played, ‘weird’ noises coming from the house and new members inside” of Acacia’s house, according to the Post. Later she saw an initiated member who told her the weird noses were “the start of our hazing process.”


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