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Environmental Studies Dept. at Bates College Seeks Prof With Background in ‘Ecofeminism’

Environmental Studies Dept. at Bates College Seeks Prof With Background in ‘Ecofeminism’

“attentive to hierarchies of power and privilege”

They also want the candidates to have a background in inclusion, LGBT issues, and more. It’s like a laundry list of left wing credentials. It’s almost like that’s the most important thing here, not the environment.

Campus Reform reports:

Environmental studies department seeks applicants with ‘ecofeminism’ background

One private Maine college not only requires that the newest addition to its environmental studies program be a champion of “equity and inclusion,” but also hopes that he or she may have some research background in “posthumanism,” “ecofeminism,” or “queer ecologies.”

Bates College has just begun an active search for a new assistant professor for its environmental studies program. The job description suggests that applicants have research backgrounds in various fringe disciplines, including “decolonizing environmentalism” and “feminist environmentalism.”

Bates advertises its environmental studies department as one that “encompasses a broad range of issues” involving the “interaction of humans with both the natural world and built environments.” The description of the department includes a claim that “students must think beyond existing disciplinary boundaries” in order to fully understand environmental issues.

The newest addition to the department would be a professor who is involved in the performing or studio arts, literature, or cultural studies, and who is “attentive to hierarchies of power and privilege.” The university hopes this individual will “offer cross-cultural and/or transnational perspectives on environmental traditions.”

Applicants are expected to highlight their commitment to “equity and inclusion, social and cultural diversity, and the transformative power of our differences.”


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They make it perfectly obvious that white males need not apply. This position looks like it will be filled strictly on the basis of race, sex, and political viewpoint. If an interviewer were to ask whether she knows anything about the environment, the response will be “You are a RACIST!!!”

How do you earn a degree in ecofeminism? Or is that just an extra credit class they offer for athletes and others who need to keep up their GPA?

Environmental studies is the biggest fake name major there is. It’s poly sci masquerading as an environmental science degree.

We’re living in a dystopian nightmare.

When you read a description like this it is an indication that they already have an individual picked out and they then tailor the advertisement. It is a subtle art form to recruit specific individuals to a school while at the same time adhering to the mandates of EOE regulations.

That being said, the position is a joke. More than likely they recruited a specific person in a different department and they now need to create a secondary position for their spouse. The more remote the college, the more extreme the lengths that they need to go to. But still, one needs to wonder why an individual would place themselves so far out on the limb that a specific position like this needs to be created. Would the person suitable for this position be able to find any work in a more conventional sense?