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Email Warnings About Unpaid Tuition Prompt Student ‘Sit-in’ at Thomas Jefferson U.

Email Warnings About Unpaid Tuition Prompt Student ‘Sit-in’ at Thomas Jefferson U.

“Everybody was really scared.”

It’s almost as if many students are just looking for an excuse to stage a protest.

The College Fix reports:

Students stage sit-in at Thomas Jefferson U. after email warnings about unpaid tuition

Students at Philadelphia’s Thomas Jefferson University organized a sit-in because their feelings got hurt: They didn’t like the emails sent out warning students about past-due tuition.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, approximately 2,228 students, roughly 25-percent of Jefferson’s total enrollment, received messages threatening de-enrollment.

“A lot of freshmen were crying and calling their parents and saying, ‘I’m going to get kicked out if you don’t pay this charge,’” student Ashlee Miller said. “Everybody was really scared.”

Almost a week later, Provost Mark Tykocinski apologized for the emails, noting he regretted “the distress” they caused. Part of the problem, the Inquirer notes, may be the merger of Jefferson — which is largely a graduate school — with mostly undergraduate Philadelphia University two years ago. The former had sent such notices in the past, but were a shock to those who attended the latter.

From the story:

Jordan Purcell, 21, a senior from Carlisle, said he watched panic spread among classmates. Even after Jefferson said in the follow-up email that it would not de-enroll students that week, students were unsure when or if the university would take that action. He helped to organize the Sept. 16 sit-in.

“You can’t treat students that way,” Purcell said. …

Infuriating students more, Purcell said, was that there appeared to be mistakes.


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Wait a few years. What will they do when they start getting phone calls and letters from collection agencies? Those people don’t apologize for making you feel bad. They count on it!

    Gremlin1974 in reply to irv. | October 14, 2019 at 11:26 am

    I was about to say. Man what will happen if they ever get a shut off notice for a utility when they are living 5 to 1 bedroom and sharing a package of Ramen for dinner wondering why their degree in Lesbian Poetry isn’t getting them a 6 figure job?

    IneedAhaircut in reply to irv. | October 15, 2019 at 11:59 am

    They’ll do the same thing they do now, call Mommie and Daddy and ask them to pay the bill.

OK Don’t require students to pay, and just close down the university.

But college should be free! I’m sure professors, administrators, groundskeepers, engineering staff, dining hall staff, etc etc would be more than happy to work without pay!

He apologized for sending ‘past due’ notices? That does not speak well for strength of character. On the other hand, it did not say if the overdue charges were cancelled, or the due dates extended. “Gee, I’m sorry I caused you so much distress. But your freakin’ bill is still overdue, and you will be disenrolled if daddy doesn’t fork it over.”

It’s Philadelphia. The school system in Philly isn’t producing rocket scientists. In fact it’s producing mostly entitled, illiterate morons. The only growth industries in Philly are illegal ATV bikes and day care centers. The attitude coming from the apostrophized and hyphenated first name crowd is pretty par for the course in that miserable junk heap of a town.

“You mean we have to pay our bills? You fascists!”

Dear Snowflake:

Yes, you really have to pay your bills. If this notice bothers you, just wait until we toss your entitled ass out of here and sell your debt, along with your name and your Social Security number, to the collection agency that will start adding interest and then garnish your future wages.

Unapologetically yours,

The Reality Fairy, a/k/a The Wicked Witch of the East