Is this about the pursuit of real scholarship, or advancing social justice?

Campus Reform reports:

Dartmouth prof calls for mandatory white privilege courses

A Dartmouth College sociology professor called on universities to require students to take courses on white privilege and black history.

Dr. Emily Walton argued in a USA Today op-ed that, “if racial equity is to be an achievable goal,” then students should be required to take courses on these topics before they graduate.

The professor proceeds to state that she teaches a course on these topics, claiming that the “small handful of white students in the class usually learn the most.”

“That’s because for the first time in their lives, they begin to look at themselves as members of a racial group,” she explains. “They understand that being a good person does not make them innocent but rather they, too, are implicated in a system of racial dominance.”

Walton refers to “white blindness,” or a state in which racial privilege is invisible, claiming that, during the course, her white students “awaken to the notion” that racism systematically advanced white people while keeping all others down.

Going further, the professor claims that white blindness is no accident, but that public K-12 schools perpetuate a culture of “white blindness” by not “requiring white students to contend with history in an inclusive, critical way,” referencing ethnic studies initiatives taken in a few states.


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