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Cornell Sun Op-Ed Mocks “White Woman Tears”

Cornell Sun Op-Ed Mocks “White Woman Tears”

“White women use their tears to advance themselves at the expense of people of color”

The only reason the writer can do this is because she is singling out “white” women. Let’s see her try this with any other group.

From the Cornell Daily Sun:

White Woman Tears

White women are the embodiment of the ‘Damsel in Distress’ archetype, affording them one rather uncanny superpower: the power to garner sympathy. White women use their tears to advance themselves at the expense of people of color, a concept recently coined “white woman tears.”

“White woman tears” does not refer to all tears shed by white women; everyone has legitimate reasons to cry. It refers specifically to “crying and other expressions of distress by white women as a means of weaponizing the privilege inherent in whiteness and exerting the full power of white womanhood as a class historically designated as delicate, racially superior beings in need of protection,” according to Alexandria Bennett in “White Woman Tears: These Tears Taste Like Oppression.”

As early as playground days, I can remember white girls using their tears as a weapon against me and other people of color. Casual conversations would quickly escalate into waterworks, painting me as the aggressor.

A friend had a white roommate who refused to clean up after herself. After she left a banana to rot in the fridge for six months, my friend finally worked up the nerve to gently tell her to take responsibility for repeatedly leaving a mess. The roommate erupted into tears, saying she didn’t like her tone.

While “white woman tears” are typically shed over petty, day-to-day interactions, they can also have severe repercussions for black and brown people.


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And this dingbat will cry racism when she realizes cobbling together a word salad of laughable clichés and pseudo-intellectual buzzwords doesn’t go far in the job market. Unless she wants to be a Director of Diversity and Inclusion.

Patrick Bateman | October 9, 2019 at 11:49 am

These people are truly sick.

Next week, making a triangle sign with your fingers will be a sign of white female supremacy. OK 😉

These black man tears were a pathetic attempt to garner sympathy.

Tears and public displays of sorrow can be used to garner sympathy no matter who you are.

most good men were raised to honor and protect WOMEN (and children and other innocents)regardless of a woman’s color

while true that sociopaths of BOTH sexes use all sorts of expressions to manipulate their particular audience, to try and paint all ” white women “(and certainly the vast majority of the ones has been my privelege to know)as using/weaponizing tears to manipulate those around them is just ignorant

    artichoke in reply to texansamurai. | October 10, 2019 at 2:52 pm

    I’d still go for the part about defending children and the defenseless. But women have told us not to touch, and so they can fight their own battles. I guess a lot would depend on my instinct at the moment, but it’s not automatically for saving the damsel in distress any more.

Like female tears have been a weapon since …. forever?

But now it’s “white women tears” … wow.

I do admit I am loving how women’s tears, which is denied as an a weapon of emotional blackmail / influence, is now being acknowledged. So, at least there’s that.

Annual tuition & fees for Cornell 2019-2020: $57,626.00.

The idiot op-ed writer makes the best case yet for defunding higher education.