This sounds silly at first glance, but the actual story is a little creepy.

The Insider reports:

Inside West Virginia University’s haunted clock tower, where students say they hear the tortured moos of a cow slaughtered in a prank gone wrong

Every school has its secrets. At West Virginia University, one of the campus’s oldest buildings has been shut off from the public. Some students who walk past it swear they hear a ghost.

West Virginia University, located in Morgantown, was founded in 1867, immediately following the fall of the Confederacy at the end of the US civil war. Not long after, in the 1870s, a college prank gone horribly wrong supposedly occurred in its Woodburn Hall clock tower. It still haunts the campus to this day.

Legend has it that some of the school’s first students took a cow from a farm owned by the university and lead it up to the top of the tower for the whole student body to see.

The students, not knowing that cows can’t walk down stairs, didn’t plan how to get it down. According to the legend, they were then forced to kill the cow, chops up its body, and walk down the pieces from the tower one by one.

The clock tower is boarded up and off-limits the public. But rumor has it that students walking by can still hear the cow’s haunted mooing.

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