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Branco Cartoon – Wizards of Sleaze

Branco Cartoon – Wizards of Sleaze

There’s no place like D.C.

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Wonderful as usual, only missing a certain individual with large ears…..

legacyrepublican | October 7, 2019 at 7:57 am

The one thing about this whole mess that I find interesting is that when they accuse the POTUS of breaking the law, they also blame special interests.

Exactly what special interest can buy Trump?

Anyway, I think you picked the wrong title.

It ought to be “It’s curtains for corruption!”

Forgot to draw Romney in. He must be right next to Schiff.

It’s not a joke anymore. We are on the cusp of a civil war and/or a violent coup.

I can see there just isn’t enough room in one pic to fit in all the rats who are calling for impeachment. You did catch their essence and it isn’t pretty. They are ugly, through and through. Love the black background. Dark times, indeed.

Yup, it’s obstruction of justice. Here as everywhere, Democrats are all projection all the time.