Just when you think the disgusting news around dead abortion doctor Ulrich Klopfer could not get worse…it does.

Authorities found the bodies of 165 babies Klopfer murdered in the trunk of his car.

Officials believe he murdered these babies in 2002. From TristateHomepage.com:

This week, on Wednesday, members of the Will County (Illinois) Sheriff’s Office discovered additional remains while searching several vehicles owned by Dr. Klopfer and kept at a business property in Dolton, Illinois.

Dr. Klopfer had stored the vehicles in an outdoor gated lot for more than six years, according to information gathered by the Will County Sheriff’s Office.

At the property, investigators found a total of eight cars belonging to Dr. Klopfer. In the trunk of one late 1990s Mercedes Benz, they found fetal remains.

Klopfer “medically preserved” these baby remains like the ones found in his garage.

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill stated his office remains “committed that all these unborn children receive a respectful final disposition” in the state.”

People have found 2,411 remains of dead babies. Klopfer’s family found 2,246 preserved remains in his garage in September when he passed away. The babies died in abortions performed in 2000, 2001, and 2002.

Hill took charge of “the transportation of the 2,246” murdered babies found in Klopfer’s garage. He will do the same with the remains found in the trunk.

Klopfer lived in Illinois, but performed abortions in clinics in Fort Wayne, Gary, and South Bend. The reports did not say what kind of business stored Klopfer’s cars.

No one found any remains at Klopfer’s closed clinics in Indiana. They discovered a bunch of old medical records. Hill lashed out at this fact because these women “had an expectation that their privacy would be protected, but their records were ‘abandoned’ in the clinics when they closed years ago.”

Klopfer acted a lot like Kermit Gosnell. The Indiana Attorney General’s office alleged that Klopfer never had the staff to provide sedation for patients. The office also accused Klopfer “of errors on state-mandated terminated pregnancy reports, late submissions on several reports of abortions provided to girls 13 or younger, and having unqualified staff members providing pre-abortion counseling to patients.”

For years the state health department discovered various health code violations:

  • Staff members taking home soiled lines to wash
  • Delayed disposal of dead babies
  • Nobody maintained emergency response equipment

Authorities charged Klopfer “in St. Joseph County with a misdemeanor charge of failure to timely file a public report” in June 2014. He also faced accusations “of waiting months to report an abortion he provided to a 13-year-old girl in South Bend.”

Did anything happen to Klopfer? Nope! Authorities dropped the charge after he “completed a pre-trial diversion program.”

The Indiana Medical Licensing Board finally suspended Klopfer’s license in August 2016 “for failing to exercise reasonable care and violating several documentation requirements.” The clinic shut down a few months after Klopfer left.


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