The Trump administration announced this week that it plans to ban the sale of most flavored e-cigarettes, after hundreds of people have been sickened by mysterious lung illnesses.

Sitting in the Oval Office with the government’s top health officials, President Trump acknowledged that there was a vaping problem and said: “We can’t allow people to get sick. And we can’t have our kids be so affected.”

Alex M. Azar II, the health and human services secretary, said that the Food and Drug Administration would outline a plan within the coming weeks for removing flavored e-cigarettes and nicotine pods from the market, excluding tobacco flavors. The ban would include mint and menthol, popular varieties that manufacturers have argued should not be considered flavors.

There is some social media speculation that it is connected to President Trump’s youngest son, Barron, and that the teen’s parents are worried about him “vaping”.

“First Kid” Barron Trump has been issued a presidential directive: Don’t vape.

President Trump on Thursday said that he and first lady Melania have warned their teen son about the dangers of vaping.

Trump made the statement on the White House lawn before departing for Baltimore on Thursday evening when a reporter asked what they have told Barron.

“We haven’t told him anything except, ‘Don’t vape. Don’t vape.’ We don’t like vaping. I don’t like vaping,” Trump said of Barron, 13.

Yes, there have been some very troubling medical cases that have apparently arisen from the use of e-cigarettes. For example, a Minnesota student was hospitalized with vaping-related lung injuries that left him on a ventilator, and American e-cigarette users have reportedly suffered from serious health effects related to their use of the product.

Elijah McClure, 21, of Brooklyn Park, has been on mechanical breathing apparatus for 11 days so far, after his nausea and sickness developed into lung failure.

…Sedric [McClure], who hasn’t heard his son’s voice in a week, described the damaged as ‘absolutely devastating’ and now wants to warn others about the potential harm of e-cigarettes.

He said: ‘The violent retching with the dry heaving and vomiting, the pain that he was going through really shook me to my core.

‘You go to text something and you just lose it because you’re typing and saying that he’s on a respirator.’

The family revealed their son started using e-cigarettes at the age of 15 and thought he had stopped after they verbally scolded him for it.

It was not clear whether he was using liquids that included just nicotine or THC [Tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive constituent in marijuana] too they explained, after finding his lemonade flavored cartridges.

It is the last sentence in the above block that highlights the likely root cause of this report. Nicotine has serious effects on the central nervous system in high doses. On the other hand, there have been reports of severe, acute lung injury induced by vaping Cannabis Oil.

And that may be the true source of the recent scourge of “killer vape.” In fact, a police raid has recently exposed an illegal TCH vape cartridge empire run by two Wisconsin brothers.

Tyler Thomas Huffhines, 20, and Jacob David Huffhines, 23, were arrested last week in Kenosha County, Wisconsin after simultaneous raids on their home and a secret headquarters in a rented condo.

Cops discovered 31,200 vape cartridges filled with one gram of THC each and another 98,000 unfilled cartridges in the condo during the raid on September 5.

…Cops say that the brothers employed a team of under-the-table workers known as ‘juicers’ to fill cartridges on a crude assembly line, using syringes to inject the potent liquid TCH into each cartridge.

Initially, the brothers paid workers $20 an hour and even maintained time cards, Sheriff Beth said.

But they later discovered they could maximize profits by paying workers 30 cents per cartridge filled, according to Beth.

The filled cartridges were packaged in brightly colored boxes touting the names of fruit or candy flavors.

‘It looks like candy in these vaping cigarettes. It’s not candy, it’s highly potent drugs,’ said Beth.

One can easily imagine what other additives might have been included to maximize illicit profits.

Then, there are the black market blends that contain a Vitamin E derivative, one that triggers an immune system reaction.

After testing products, New York has focused its investigation on vitamin E acetate, which recently has been used as a thickener, particularly in black market vape cartridges. Suppliers say it dilutes vape oils without making them look watery. Vitamin E is safe as a vitamin pill or to use on the skin, but inhaling oily vitamin E droplets into the lungs can trigger pneumonia.

Immune cells containing oily droplets have been found in the lungs of some patients. These large cells, called macrophages, are the clean-up crew of the immune system. University of Utah doctors think this could be a marker for vaping injury. They wrote up their findings about six patients in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The problem with the ban is that it will inspire further harmful black market blending. Perhaps the better approach would be education, ads, and a Reagan-style “Just Say No” campaign.


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