This is a window into the mind of the left at large. They want to remake America in their image. You’ll also notice that for this professor, all of our problems can be traced directly to Trump.

Campus Reform reports:

UCLA prof: ‘I don’t see the Second Amendment as absolute, just like I don’t see the First Amendment as absolute’

A University of California-Los Angeles professor is calling not only for gun control but also “qualifications” to freedom of speech in order to combat mass shootings fueled by racism, a phenomenon he says has only come to light since President Donald Trump’s election.

UCLA professor Douglas Kellner states that until just two years ago, “all of the previous shootings were rather divorced from sociopolitical factors,” claiming that while mass shootings occurred in the past, they were the results of “individual crises of young men,” having to do with things such as family life or school trouble, in an interview published by the university.

Kellner asserts that the phenomenon of mass shootings motivated by racist ideas is largely isolated to instances occurring since Trump’s election.

“The toxicity of gun culture has created a new factor that we have never seen before, that was a major factor in the last few shootings, and that was the election of Donald Trump, and in particular, Trump’s rhetoric [on immigrants],” Kellner said, adding “there haven’t been particular racist school shootings before, or acts of domestic terrorism.”

The professor goes on to state matter-of-factly that the El Paso shooting “was completely different from any of the other acts of domestic terrorism [or] school shootings, because it was targeting Latinos and immigrants.”


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