No one deserves the treatment these students claim they suffered. How awful.

FOX News reports:

University of Iowa to probe band members’ claims of verbal abuse, sexual harassment by Iowa State fans

The University of Iowa has reopened an investigation into allegations by members of the school’s marching band that they were verbally abused and physically assaulted during last weekend’s game against rival Iowa State University.

Members of the Hawkeye Marching Band allege that they were subjected to racial slurs and other verbal abuse, and sexual harassment before, during and after the game. Two band members told the Cedar Rapids Gazette that a third band member, a woman was hospitalized with fractured ribs.

Administrators at the two schools announced earlier in the week that they had looked into the allegations, but they didn’t say whether anyone would face punishment. Iowa’s athletic director, Gary Barta, and his Iowa State counterpart, Jamie Pollard, released a joint statement saying members of both schools’ bands had been subjected to “rude, vulgar, and in some cases violent” conduct at football games in recent years, and urging fans to stop the behavior.

In response, 21-year-old Corey Knopp, who plays tenor sax for the Iowa Marching Band, posted his account of the abuse following the game, which Iowa won 18-17.

“People were physically assaulted,” Knopp said. “We expect to get booed and cussed at. But never for violence to take place…Put yourself in our shoes. Kids. Marching in formation back to our busses after a long day. Getting shoved and having beer cans shaken and sprayed at our feet. Getting slapped because of the words on our uniform (IOWA). Getting pushed so hard that someone’s (not going to name this person) ribs are broken. That is completely unacceptable.”


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