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Survey Finds Majority of College Students Believe Student Athletes Should be Paid

Survey Finds Majority of College Students Believe Student Athletes Should be Paid

“College and athletics administrators have mostly rebuked the idea.”

If a student athlete gets a full ride on a scholarship, aren’t they already being compensated?

CNBC reports:

Majority of college students say student-athletes should be paid, survey finds

For years, proposals to pay college athletes have drawn polarizing responses. Athletes such as LeBron James and Richard Sherman and politicians such as Senators Chris Murphy and Bernie Sanders have expressed their support for allowing students to make money during their college careers. College and athletics administrators have mostly rebuked the idea.

“College athletes are workers,” says Sanders.

“College athletics is about college students playing other college students, not employees playing employees,” Mark Emmert, NCAA president tells CBS Sports.

Most college students, however, are in agreement. According to a recent survey of 2,501 college students by polling platform College Pulse, a majority of students support initiatives to pay college athletes.

“With the debate over paying college student-athletes heating up in California and across the country, we wanted to see where students stand on the issue that directly impacts their campuses and classmates,” Terren Klein, CEO of College Pulse tells CNBC Make It in a statement. “What we found is that the majority of students are in favor of paying student-athletes and give overwhelming support for allowing student-athletes to profit off their name and image.”


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When they pay college athletes (and they will), I’m done with it. Just watch pro sports at that point because it will be better talent doing the same.

I was a student athlete in college. When you have a full ride scholarship, you are not allowed to work during the school year per NCAA rules. They want to make sure boosters don’t pay the athletes for no show jobs. For some athletes that come from poor homes, they don’t have any spending money for normal every day things. If they live in a dorm, meals are not provided on Sunday nights so you are on your own.
I believe a small stipend would be okay, but not at a salary type level.

    healthguyfsu in reply to JLSpeidel. | September 12, 2019 at 10:56 pm

    There are several problems with this, almost all of which are related to unintended consequences.

    To name a few:
    1. Lesser programs that would break under such budget measures
    2. Unionization
    3. Erosion of parity in the big 3 money sports

    Most student athletes these days already get a stipend and housing allowance.

It never dawned on them that “student athlete” salaries will be funded through increased tuition and fees.

paid athletes would no longer be amateurs, and therefore ineligible to play sanctioned sports.

and what is free tuition, room and board if not pay?

we’ve raised a generation of utter idiots.

Football paid my way through school. I worked when I could in the summer and took cash jobs out of season. It’s not hard. If you start paying a stipend, you’re going to have to start paying everyone in every sport, and that’s ridiculous since the only two positive-revenue sports are men’s football and basketball.

When I hear people lament that athletes aren’t paid I’m stunned because I consider myself massively fortunate that I walked away from college not owing a dime. I also parlayed taking advantage of opportunities given to athletes into attending Grad school for next to nothing.