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Stanford University Drops Mandatory Diversity Program After Complaints of Personal Intrusion

Stanford University Drops Mandatory Diversity Program After Complaints of Personal Intrusion

“complaints that it was invasive and compelled students to divulge personal, private information”

Students were apparently compelled to share a lot of personal information in this program and they pushed back.

Campus Reform reports:

Stanford scraps mandatory diversity activity after ‘tokenization,’ personal intrusion complaints

Stanford University is ceasing the use of a common activity employed by schools to celebrate diversity after students complained that the activity was inappropriate and required students to share too much personal information.

Called “Crossing the Line,” the activity was previously used by the university as “a tool for promoting reflection, dialogue, empathy and authentic engagement” among incoming freshmen, according to The Stanford Daily.

“Crossing the Line” activities are not unique to Stanford and are currently employed by many universities throughout the country, including the University of Southern California, the University of Houston, and Oakland University.

While versions vary, the essence of the activity remains constant.

Students are presented with a number of statements about “identity.” Examples listed by the previously mentioned universities include statements like “people can see I am a woman,” “I have a learning challenge,” “I have entered a gay bar” or “I was abused as a child.” Participants are encouraged to acknowledge publicly each statement that reflects their own experience, with the goal being to gain perspective of the different experiences of one’s peers.

Stanford has included a mandatory Crossing the Line activity in its freshman orientation since the 1980s, but the school has now scrapped the activity due to complaints that it was invasive and compelled students to divulge personal, private information that they may not otherwise share in a public setting.


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JusticeDelivered | September 24, 2019 at 3:42 pm

Lets be clear, not all diversity is good. people are not created equal, in that some have an innate understanding of ethics, others do not, some are smarter while others are dumber, some have good work ethics while others have none.

The only thing which should be equal is the opportunity to work to achieve one’s full potential.

    drednicolson in reply to JusticeDelivered. | September 28, 2019 at 9:26 am

    Equality of opportunity, equality of human worth, and equality before the law, as ideals to strive for. Any other “equality” is fake and a smokescreen for leftilibral power grabs.

    Equal does not mean equitable.

I think this sort of thing is a very bad idea and eliminating it is an excellent idea. But how did the school “compel” the Freshmen to reveal private information? Do these kids not know how to keep their mouth shut as appropriate? Absent something in your prior school records to indicate childhood abuse, why would you self-report childhood abuse (or anything else) if you didn’t want to? On further reflection, perhaps it is a case of the “education system” training them to be obedient little Jugend members.

Diversity is divisive.
American education used to focus on finding similarities: “America the melting pot”.

Diversity aims for “America the salad bowl”.

The idea, I suspect, is to divide the nation into voting blocks based on ethnicity, self-identification, or orientation. Whether that is actually an aim, or a by product, it certainly is the outcome.

I am pleased to see the pendulum swinging away from Balkanism, and ghettoism; hopefully we are on a long arc towards unity and nationalism.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

    drednicolson in reply to Hodge. | September 28, 2019 at 9:45 am

    The melting pot metaphor, of course, expects everyone to “melt” a little in order to bond together.

    In the modern multiculturist tossed salad, white people are expected to melt completely into self-loathing puddles while everyone else is given license to be as much a frake or veggictim as they want.

    Hatred of the white is the hip new dressing poured on the same old salad of race prejudice.