Former Vice President Joe Biden maintains his strong lead in the latest Morning Consult poll. This is the first one since the third Democratic debate last week.

Biden holds on at 32% with Sen. Bernie Sanders in second place at 20%.

Robert O’Rourke spent the debate and the time since then promising to grab our AR-15s and AK-47s. He found out the hard way that us Americans want to keep our guns because he barely moved in this poll.

On the bright side, O’Rourke, you went up one percent! Only 3% of the respondents chose O’Rourke in the Morning Consult poll after the July debates. Now he’s at 4%!

However, it also shows this tough guy, far-left attitude is not working.

“Hell yes we’re going to take your AR-15!”

No, you’re not, bro. Americans do not want to give up their guns. I know for sure I will never give up my AR-15. His name is George…George Washington.

Allah Pundit at Hot Air brought up O’Rourke dropping swear words on TV as a way to show his passion for his beliefs. Guess people don’t like that as well! If you follow me on Twitter you know I have a foul mouth. But when I’m in public I watch my mouth because I know a lot of people do not like that language.

Biden’s numbers have not changed much. He received 32% of the voters after the second debate at the end of July. He has 32% now. It looks like his gaffes and weird moments during debates (like losing his teeth and telling us to keep on our record players) have not harmed him.

Do you need more proof? Biden’s number went up among the Democratic primary voters in early primary states. 34% of those voters chose Biden. Sanders landed in second at 21% while Warren held onto third with 13%.

The reality is the race is between Biden, Sanders, and Warren. The others need to suck it up and drop out.

Morning Consult also asked voters about their second choices. All of them chose the top three.

  • Biden supporters: Sanders
  • Sanders supporters: Biden
  • Warren supporters: Sanders
  • Harris supporters: Warren
  • Buttigieg supporters: Warren

I imagine the media will gush over Warren since she went two points since the first Morning Consult poll of this month (Sept. 2-8). She’s also the only candidate who had any kind of significant change in her polling numbers.

RealClearPolitics has Biden ahead overall +9.2. He has topped off every poll so far this month except when he tied for first with Warren in the Economist.


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