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Poll Finds Almost Half of College Students Value Creating an Inclusive Society Over Freedom of Speech

Poll Finds Almost Half of College Students Value Creating an Inclusive Society Over Freedom of Speech

“grappling with the reach and limits of free speech and what it means in the 21st century”

This shift didn’t happen by accident. This generation has been taught these values.

Christian Headlines reports:

College Students Want Inclusive Society over Freedom of Speech, Poll Finds

A recent poll found that nearly half of college students prefer creating an inclusive society than allowing freedom of speech.

“There is a new class of students on college campuses, increasingly varied in background and ideology, who are grappling with the reach and limits of free speech and what it means in the 21st century,” Sam Gill, Knight Foundation vice president for learning and communities, said.

Viewpoints on the different values varied by gender, race and religion. More than half of college women valued a welcoming environment over free speech while only 28% of men did. But religious students, including Mormons (81%), white evangelical Protestants (71%), white mainline Protestants (64%), and Catholics (62%), valued freedom of speech.

The report shows that 53 percent of the students surveyed overall favor protecting free speech whereas 46 percent say it is important to “promote an inclusive and welcoming society.” Still, more than half of the students surveyed believe that hate speech should remain protected under the First Amendment.

According to Medium, Black students prefer promoting an inclusive society to freedom of speech while half of Hispanic students believe in protecting free speech rights.

In a separate poll put on by the Speech First, a nonprofit that fights for free speech on campuses, conservative students often feel pressure to remain silent.


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Morning Sunshine | September 29, 2019 at 9:34 am

fools. you cannot have an “inclusive society” without the freedom to speak thoughts.

    They don’t really want an inclusive society, except in the sense that the compulsion to do what you’re told applies to everyone – except themselves, of course.

    They are fools but more importantly they are totalitarians and liars.

    You got to it before me. How can you be “inclusive” by excluding things? How do you coexist? How do you have Tolerance if it doesn’t include tolerance for the intolerant.

    Yet there is one censorship that is supported by the right and often unanimously:

    So, if someone wants to merely hear what someone from the BDS movement has to say, they can – must – be fired or expelled?

    This is the same thing – do you want a safe space where some things can’t be said under severe penalties, or do you want free speech and argue against them.

    I’m against BDS but watch as the same people who complain about views being banned from campus (e.g. Ben Shapiro, Dennis Praeger) advocate banning views from campus.

    The whole of the public areas of Universities need to be for free speech, or they can be one big safe space. They can’t be both.

    For free speech, we might need thick skins but also the university was where one learned to be able to do reason, evidence, and logic and respond and refute things you disagreed with or found disagreeable.

    But college is so profitable they don’t want to drive away the dumb snowflakes that go into deep debt to pay for it.

Not interested enough to dig into the poll, but I do idly wonder what the response rate was, and how many responded that those were stupid questions, that freedom of speech and inclusive society are not either/or propositions.