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Pete Buttigieg Says College Football is ‘Problematic’

Pete Buttigieg Says College Football is ‘Problematic’

“you need to look at what we owe students”

This is all about money. Buttigieg is tiptoeing around the issue of paying student athletes, which Bernie Sanders has been making an issue lately.

The Jewish Insider reports:

Pete Buttigieg: College football is ‘problematic’

Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg said he had moral qualms about being a college football fan and found it “problematic” on Monday.

In response to a question from Jewish Insider about the issues with following a sport where unpaid athletes risk serious injury, Buttigieg said, “First, you need to look at what we owe students. Obviously the model says you get an education in exchange for contributing this way, plus the sport is supposed to be its own reward, but I don’t think that that’s really fair anymore.”

The amateur football model, in which college athletes receive scholarships and no other compensation, has been increasingly criticized in recent years. California recently passed legislation that would allow college athletes to profit from the use of their image and likeness. The NCAA has threatened to bar California schools from competition if Governor Gavin Newsom signs the legislation into law.

Buttigieg emphasized that he was a Notre Dame fan more than a fan of college football as a sport. Speaking earlier Monday on his campaign bus, Buttigieg said that the last time he may have yelled was during the Fighting Irish’s victory over Louisville earlier this month. Buttigieg noted his view was shaped by his role as mayor of South Bend, Indiana, the home of Notre Dame. Describing the quandary, he said, “I think about it from a perspective of a city that relies on college football in the same way that Bahrain relies on fossil fuel.”


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Much as I hate to agree with Saint Pete, he is right that college football is “problematic.” I remember at Colo State around 1980, an issue of the student newspaper had two contrasting headlines: One announced that two philosophy professors were being terminated because of “continuing financial exigency.” The other headline announced that two new assistant football coaches were being hired to strengthen some parts of the team.

College football and basketball should be relegated to the same model as the minor leagues are for baseball.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to MajorWood. | September 28, 2019 at 3:17 pm

    Mayor Pete is just mad because he was thrown out of the men’s football locker room after he had been trolling around in there for hours……..


Could he sound more gay? For goodness sake pretend to be something like Joe six-pack

Nobody’s more cynical about this than the NBA.

The Mayor of Notre Dame’s home town thinks college football is “problematic”? He’s not just an idiot, he’s an idiot with a death wish.

I agree with the gay part.

College football may be problematic due to concussions.

But students competing in sports is healthy and should not be compensated. No one is forced to be on a team. Some are more talented than others. Who is to decide. If they are good enough, then end up in the pros.

Normally lose on sports. If some players are good and make money for the school that balances out those who cost the school money.

You can not be both an amateur and a professional at the same time.

Even those who do not make it to the pros benefit financially from have played college sports. It helps them in their career especially salespersons.

Two men married is an abomination.