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Medieval Studies Organization at War With Itself Amid Accusations of White Supremacy

Medieval Studies Organization at War With Itself Amid Accusations of White Supremacy

“This name change controversy is sowing the fault lines that still exist between white scholars”

This battle has been raging for years. The field is difficult for social justice warriors because the subject matter is overwhelmingly white. You can’t change history.

The College Fix reports:

White supremacy is allegedly ‘tearing apart’ an academic medieval studies group

One of the premier medieval studies groups in the country is purportedly being torn apart at the seams due to its alleged sympathies to white supremacy.

The group—known as the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists—has been hit with a succession of resignations from members who claim the organization promotes and supports racism. The Washington Post reports that the growing exodus was started by the resignation of the group’s second vice president, Mary Rambaran-Olm, a woman of color who claims to have experienced years of discrimination in the field of medieval studies.

Rambaran-Olm said she tried to “reform” the organization after becoming its vice president. One of the ways she attempted to do that was to push for a change to the group’s name. The term “Anglo-Saxon” has been adopted by white supremacists in recent years to describe a fabled European history involving a dominant and superior white race.

For two years, “every change” that Rambaran-Olm proposed met with failure, she said, after which she decided to resign. But according to others, the group’s name isn’t its only problem:

It was never just about a name, said Eileen Fradenburg Joy, a scholar in the field and a former ISAS member.

“The entire field of medieval studies is undergoing massive upheaval because they have not dealt with long-standing issues of racism and sexism,” Joy said. “This name change controversy is sowing the fault lines that still exist between white scholars — because it’s all white people, a bunch of white people arguing over whether they’re racist.”


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Translation: They won’t admit they are evil therefore they are evil.

Is she really arguing that “Anglo-Saxon” isn’t a real, historical thing?

Anacleto Mitraglia | September 23, 2019 at 3:49 am

White people was the dominant folks in medieval Europe, as Han chinese were in China, Arabs in the Mediterranean and the near East, Aztecs / Mayas in Central and South America, blacks in Africa. Not without clashes at their borders.
Stating the obvious is a revoluctionary act.

Don’t these folks realize how much power they are ceding to white supremacist organizations when they seek to eradicate from the language any terms that those w.s. organizations adopt? Sheesh, if I headed outfits like 4chan (or whatever) I’d start calling the gatherings “congress” just to watch Congress repudiate their Constitutional title.

after which she decided to resign.

The crisis seems to have corrected itself.

But it sounds like the problem isn’t Anglo-Saxons; this organization’s problem may be women.

So the woketards are destroying yet another aspect of the history of Western Civilization–which was the point of the exercise all along, anyway.

who joins a group called “International Society of Anglo-Saxonists” and expects to be about something other than Anglos?
did she want the story of the King of Poland and his winged knights saving Vienna to be about the muslims that lost?

Telling the truth isn’t racist. Western civilization is superior to all other civilizations on earth by any measure. That’s why western countries offer prosperity to their citizens that is better than every other civilization. Why the vast majority of books are published in the west. Why the vast majority of scientific advancements and pattens are developed in the west. These facts may be hard for progressive fascists to deal with, but there incontrovertible.