During CNN’s town hall event Wednesday night, former Vice President Joe Biden’s left eye filled with blood.

As the WaEx explains, it’s not an uncommon health issue:

Former Vice President Joe Biden appeared to have a blood vessel burst in his left eye while participating in CNN’s town hall on climate change.

A broken blood vessel in the eye, also known as a subconjuctival hemorrhage, can be caused by several things, including high blood pressure, bleeding disorders, blood thinners, or even excessive straining.

However, Biden has dealt with a great many health issues and has not disclosed any details about his medical record since 2008.

As we’ve chronicled here, numerous gaffes along the campaign trail have led to speculation that Biden’s health could be less than stellar.


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So having a bloody eye on national TV doesn’t really help his “picture of health” case.

Though it’s worth remembering that during the Obama years, Biden was stuck in a perpetual gaffe cycle in which he would say something unintentionally outrageous, the administration would whisk him out of the public eye for a few weeks, reintroduce him back to the population where he would fare alright for a short period of time before accidentally creating another embarrassing moment.

In any case, none of this is a good look for the Democrats current frontrunner and (current) best hope of defeating Trump.


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