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Janet Napolitano Stepping Down as University of California President in 2020

Janet Napolitano Stepping Down as University of California President in 2020

“My time at UC has been deeply gratifying and rewarding.”

It’s amazing that she has been there since 2013. And before that she was the director of Homeland Security. Remember that?

FOX News reports:

Janet Napolitano to step down as University of California president in 2020

University of California President Janet Napolitano, who oversaw historic expansions of the 10-campus system and championed immigrant students, but whose management structure faced criticism and embarrassing scrutiny, said Wednesday she will step down in August 2020.

Napolitano, a former homeland security secretary and Democratic governor of Arizona, made the announcement at a meeting of the university system’s Board of Regents in Los Angeles.

“My time at UC has been deeply gratifying and rewarding. I have been honored and inspired every day to serve this institution alongside incredibly dedicated, passionate people,” Napolitano said in a statement. “The decision was tough — and this moment, bittersweet — but the time is right.”

Napolitano, 61, has battled a recurrence of breast cancer but said her health is good and did not play a role in her decision to step down.

“All of my tests are clear. So that was not a factor in my decision,” Napolitano told reporters in a conference call, saying she will complete her seventh year in the job before stepping down.

“It seemed like a good time to have some fresh blood at the University of California,” she said.

During her tenure, Napolitano has overseen an expansion of the public university system, enrolling historic numbers of students and making it easier for in-state students to transfer from community colleges to the university system.


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Good riddance. She’s garnered a nice little nest egg from her slush fund. Oh, did everyone forget about that?