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Hundreds of Mumps Cases Reported Among Detained Migrants in 19 States

Hundreds of Mumps Cases Reported Among Detained Migrants in 19 States

Nebraska sees ‘significant’ increase in mumps cases as findings indicate some people who have been vaccinated may not be protected from the disease.

Officials have reported hundreds of mumps cases among detained migrants in 19 states.

Mumps has swept through 57 immigration detention facilities in 19 states since September, according to the first U.S. government report on the outbreaks in the overloaded immigration system.

The virus sickened 898 adult migrants and 33 detention center staffers, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in its report Thursday.

New cases continue as migrants are taken into custody or transferred between facilities, the report said. As of last week, outbreaks were happening in 15 facilities in seven states.

In response to the report, Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman Bryan Cox said medical professionals at detention facilities screen all new detainees within 24 hours of their arrival to ensure that highly contagious diseases are not spread.

This is a troubling development for Americans everywhere. Mumps is a highly infectious disease. Now Nebraska health officials are reporting a “significant” increase in mumps cases following two outbreaks in the state.

In a statement Thursday, officials with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) announced the agency has identified some 30 cases of mumps, a viral infection that most commonly affects a person’s salivary glands.

Most of the cases were reported among those who attended a wedding in northeastern Nebraska, officials said, as well as “a workplace in Four Corners Health Department’s jurisdiction,” which comprises Butler, Polk, York, and Seward counties.

Of additional concern among public health professionals is the discovery that the once highly effective vaccine is not working as well as it once did. Those who have been vaccinated may not be protected from a mumps infection.

“What we’re seeing now with these mumps outbreaks is a combination of two things — a few people were not making a strong immune response to begin with, and the circulating strain has drifted away from the strain that is in the vaccine,” she explained in a university news release.

The study, by researchers at Emory and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, included 71 people, aged 18 to 23, in the Atlanta area. Nearly all (69) had received two MMR doses, but 80 percent received their second dose more than a decade before the study began.

While 93 percent had antibodies against mumps, 10 percent had no detectable anti-mumps memory B cells. These cells produce antibodies after exposure to the mumps virus.


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legacyrepublican | September 13, 2019 at 9:16 am

I draw the obvious conclusion (based on MSM logic, you know. Because Trump.).

The CDC is a white privileged racist institution based on the patriarchy that gave these poor people the mumps and then documented it to prove their point.

Welcome the 3rd-world? Welcome 3rd-world diseases.

Invaders! Have cancer? Exotic diseases? Can’t afford an operation? Invade America … and have your maladies corrected for FREE courtesy of the American taxpayer … because America is really one big, free hospital!!

And you think Beto and the rest of the dem loonies are going to take away our AR-15 and AR-47? Not a fat chance. The day of reckoning approaches. A huge f’ing correction awaits.

Close the borders!

About ten years ago there was a mumps outbreak among yeshivah students in NY and NJ, which puzzled people because almost all those affected had been vaccinated. A prominent doctor in the community was urging people at risk to get a third dose of MMR, but the health authorities didn’t agree.

(Contrary to the impression one might have got from the publicity around recent measles outbreak here, the Orthodox community has a higher vaccination rate than the general public. Antivaxxers exist, as they do everywhere, and they’re loud and aggressively ignorant, but they have less effect than in many other communities.)

People who have been vaccinated are protected by others being vaccinated (too small a vulnerable population to catch on), is the idea.

    artichoke in reply to rhhardin. | September 13, 2019 at 5:52 pm

    If they require protection from others, what’s the point of vaccination?

    Also, and this has to be said, if we protect the human organism from every insult, it will over generations become weak. For thousands of years, everyone’s parents were those who survived diseases like mumps in childhood. Weaklings died from various things in infanthood, and things like mumps in childhood. If you made it to 10 years old, you had been tested and found not to be a weakling.

    I am not advocating euthanasia or eugenics. Not by humans anyway. But nature has a selection process, weak fetuses are spontaneously aborted during pregnancy, and naturally the process extends to early childhood too.

      Milhouse in reply to artichoke. | September 13, 2019 at 6:07 pm

      If they require protection from others, what’s the point of vaccination?

      1. No vaccine is 100% effective. MMR, for instance, even with two doses, is only 97% effective. But if almost everyone is vaccinated then herd immunity protects the 3% for whom it doesn’t work.
      2. There are people who can’t be vaccinated, e.g. because of allergies or because they’re too young. If almost everyone else is vaccinated then those few are unlikely to be exposed to anything.

Waiting for the MSM/DNC axis to claim the Trump administration deliberately infected the illegals and/or allowed epidemic to spread in 10 second…nine…eight…

Conservatives use common sense to predict what will happen (ex: illegal immigrants dragging 3rd world diseases across the border); democrats call them racist, xenophobic, etc., and act like the idea is ridiculous; prediction(s) come true; democrats get flustered for ignoring the obvious, as usual, and resort to calling those conservatives racist, xenophobic, etc, and demand we spend more money on X.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to aka Hoss. | September 13, 2019 at 12:06 pm

    We need to spend more money keeping them out, and more money expelling them. Or perhaps a better approach is create an incentive for them to leave, as in executing repeat offenders.

      OrJustThink in reply to JusticeDelivered. | September 13, 2019 at 2:09 pm

      First, love the ironic name.
      Second, we will need to keep up with the execution rate of the countries these people are fleeing from for this idea to work. We could incorporate our ‘big food’ production techniques. I’m picturing ‘lots’ full of colored people waiting execution, factory style! Thousands a day! Maybe some kind of gas chamber to get more of them at a time?

No one expects the 3rd world disease inquisition.

REALLY! I made that claim months ago and was savaged when I said it.

Gee, it’s almost like there’s a good and logical reason why we restrict the inflow of people into the country… maybe so that we can vet them to make sure they’re not insane, criminal, indigent or sick?

Pestilence and disease are the harbingers of decay courtesy of the global elitists and bleeding-heart liberals .

Lock up your cheeseburgers.

Welcome to the new Dark Ages.

Wait until XDR Tuberculosis takes hold.
Well, the USA is supposed to be a consumption based economy.

If the mumps renders the invaders sterile, that will be a good thing.

Ah, the wonders of Diversity!

yep, lifetime immunity is junk science that doesn’t hold up to scrutiny for the entire population.

    artichoke in reply to healthguyfsu. | September 13, 2019 at 5:47 pm

    I have the best immunity, but I may get it again if this is a significantly different organism than what I had the first time.

    It wasn’t so bad the first time, a week off school feeling like crap. Same story for measles and chicken pox. So glad I didn’t have to have a dodgy shot instead.

    Girls would go to “mumps parties” if someone in the neighborhood got it, to catch it and get it done before they might become pregnant.

“10 percent had no detectable anti-mumps memory B cells. ”

Does that mean they have no immune system? Are they HIV-positive?

    No, it means that if they encounter the mumps virus, their immune system will have to start from scratch in forming a response. They are probably immune to hundreds of other diseases, some from vaccinations and most from encountering the germs otherwise, but if they were ever effectively vaccinated against mumps, the immune system has forgotten.