Joe Biden still leads the Democrat presidential field, but his lead is precarious and conditioned on Warren and Bernie splitting the far-left base, which combined exceeds support for Biden.

Should the far-left consolidate around one candidate, Biden is done.

A recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that Biden’s numerous recent blunders and mental lapses are taking a toll:

While Biden may be the Democratic Party’s current standard-bearer for more moderate — and popular — policy proposals, a significant share of Americans in the poll say they’re losing confidence in his ability to lead the country.

A third of voters overall — 36 percent — say they’ve lost confidence in Biden in recent weeks, a time period that included a debate performance described as shaky by his critics. Just eight percent say they’ve grown more confident in him….

Those who have lost confidence in the former vice president cited his debate performance, his age and what they say is an over-reliance on Obama’s legacy in making his own case for the job.

This drain on Biden’s support is likely to grow as the media obsesses over Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian president in which Biden’s dealings in Ukraine apparently were mentioned.

The precise details of the conversation are not presently known, other than Trump indicating the mention of Biden was in passing:

As I noted, this focus on the Biden family is not helpful to Biden, Joe Biden and Ukraine is “Hillary’s Emails” all over again.

Trump is now on full attack against the Biden family dealings in Ukraine and China, a topic we have covered before.

Trump is winning the information war, something CNN and others are whining about:

The more Ukraine-gate drags on, the more it hurts Biden. Oddly, that jives with Trump’s goal of damaging the person he sees as the most dangerous general election opponent, so Trump outwardly seems to be enjoying this.

I would not be surprised to see Trump rebrand Biden from “Sleepy Joe” to “Ukraine Joe” as part of the goal of preventing Biden from getting the nomination.


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