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Hillary still incredibly bitter, says 2016 was “like … losing to a corrupt human tornado”

Hillary still incredibly bitter, says 2016 was “like … losing to a corrupt human tornado”

What happened to Hillary was *deplorable*

Do you think Hillary is thinking about running again in 2020.

OF COURSE she’s thinking about it. Whether she will act on those thoughts is another thing.

YOU KNOW she wants, more than anything she has ever wanted, to run again. With Biden collapsing, has she found a “lane” to the nomination. Don’t count it out.

As she ponders her rebound, Hillary is wallowing in bitterness and recrimination. Is there a word for beyond bitter? Ultra-bitter? Bitter-aggedon?

Here she is, promoting her book, ahem, Gutsy Women, complaining that despite 66 million letters of recommendation [votes], she still lost to Orange Man Bad:

“It was like…losing to a corrupt human tornado.”

How *deplorable*!


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Trump dropped a house on her.

Projection with these people. Always projection.

Trump’s still schlonging her on an almost daily basis. Poor thing is broken at this point.

And by “poor thing” I mean nasty, vile, corrupt, criminal whore.

Poor Hillary! How simply frightful! How humiliating! How utterly delightful!

I think she has been bitter since 2008 when Obama won the nomination.

In 2016 she thought the DNC machine was hers and could control everything and believed her own talking points – She should have listened to Bill who was correctly worried about Wisconsin and such.

This time, for all the bluster on Orange Man Bad! the much larger field is busy beating each other. While Trump is energizing the GOP – I think Minnesota (Trump only lost by just over 1%) will go Red.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to tz. | September 27, 2019 at 6:57 pm

    Yes, Hillary would have had the Democrat 2008 primary
    but for it being stole from her by the fake African-American
    (not a single drop of African-American blood in him).

“Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.”

– William Congreve, 1695

Has she done anything but LOSE?

Boundless Bitterness. President Trump is living rent free in what is left of Loser Clinton’s necrotic brain.

Looks like Witchie-Poo has had some work done! No way could she get rid of those jowls through exercise.

The big question is, WHEN she flops into the Clown Car, will ‘Mike’ be far behind?

Hey, wasn’t she already President in 1992 & 1996? Recall that nominal President Billy Jeff made the strange claim after his first election that we’d just gotten ourselves stuck with Co-Presidents. A sort of a William & Mary redux. Or Diocletian and Maximian. (Except that they weren’t married. Sorry, my bad.) Maybe we should modify the 22nd Amendment so that we can avoid this sort of semi-dynastic tarpit, like Néstor Kirchner followed by Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in poor Argentina.

And while we are at it we could make DJT President for Life. Could be worthwhile, even if just to fix Hillary, and fix her good.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | September 27, 2019 at 7:27 pm

Too Soon to Write Off Kamala Harris?
By L.E. Ikenga, September 27, 2019

Obama has a name for her.

Bitter clinger.

Oh look, Hillary’s back and angling for the nomination. Who could have seen that coming? 🙂

Once again, Hillary demands a coronation. Once again, the country will tell her to go pound sand.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she jumped in at the last minute. She’s never been one for actual campaigning or being held accountable to voters.

As long as she flirts with running for President, she is basically immune from prosecution for any of her many crimes.

The Friendly Grizzly | September 27, 2019 at 8:32 pm

She sounds like the grouchy old men in cafés asking, “But, what about the Dardanells?”

I suppose every pond of sewage would think a clean wind is corrupt. After all, the wind disturbs the stagnant water releasing the stench of decay and excrement.

Hillary Clinton will never be president.

Thanks Trump!

No thanks to you neverTrumpers that tried to get that witch elected.

Clinton rage has always been fun to watch. At a distance, of course. I have no desire to take a walk in the park for them.

In 2000, Al Gord distanced himself from Bill because of all the scandal, and I think the Clintons rode that for the next eight years as in “He should have listened to us, the wise, the smart, the beloved. The deranged…”

In 2008, when she lost the primaries to this unknown Senator who didn’t have a single speck of the Clinton coattails, they lost it. Every vote Obama got packed acid into the wound. They knew their chance at The Big Chair was over for eight years. Being a Senator just didn’t cut it when she had been so close! I’m pretty sure Obama made her SecState just to get her out of the country, but she didn’t even do that right, and just used the office like a piggy bank.

Then came 2016. She had SecState and Senator as a qualification. The Dem primaries had been rigged. She had cash. She had the media to chew up whatever mushy Republican candidate came out of the process. She was ready to destroy anybody who got in her way.

And she lost.

I don’t think she can do it again. I don’t think even that all-consuming rage will drag her up out onto the road, in front of filtered crowds where she only has to repeat the words on the teleprompter.

Okay Hillary, I’ll spot you the fact that Trump is a “tornado”.

For a guy in his 70’s he’s got a lot of energy.

But you can’t beat something with nothing. And the tag “Low Energy Hillary” certainly applied to you in 2016, and it’s been all downhill for you since then–energy wise that is.

“Is there a word for beyond bitter” you ask?

These are synonyms for bitter:


Amaroidal stands out. Is she so bitter she’s developed amaroids? And will Preparation H fix her up?

Vinegary also makes me laugh. If ever Hillary was happy, keeping all that bitterness bottled up has turned her to vinegar. No wonder Bill is always puckering up.

Hmmm, how many glasses of Chardonnay d’ya think Hillary had before her interview with Pauley? 2? 3? 5?

Asking for a friend.

“It was like…losing to a corrupt human tornado.”

Trump, another consequence of anthropogenic global warming.

    And yet, she persisted in making herself look worse by denigrating her opponent, who defeated her as easily as Dorothy defeated that other well-known evil witch.

This traitor and common thief needs to be dangling at the end of a rope. No less justice will suffice.

consider all the casualties of the clinton tornados over the years–not just the ones who met untimely death but all the others whose lives were forever ruined by their brush with her clan–the spanish word is more appropos–” tormenta “–the storm–it is long past time for the skies to clear and the billowing clouds of greed, lust for power and ruthless disregard for ANYONE else to blow away and disappear

she is, and has been for a very long time, an enemy to all that is good in america

Wouldn’t it be funny if some of the Ukraine story splattered onto Hillary too?

I believe that she was told in 2008 that she would not get the nomination. (no way could they pass up a charismatic community organizer of color) As a consolation prize, she would serve as secretary of state. Doing so would give her more credibility and they promised to nominate her in 2016, before she would be too old to run. She did not realize that she would be run over by the Trump Train. So yes, she is VERY bitter about that. She was promised that she would be nominated, and in her feeble mind, she could just ride on Slick Willie’s name and become elected.

    drednicolson in reply to Thinker. | September 28, 2019 at 7:15 am

    Had reason to think so. Most of the Republican stable in 2016 would have run campaigns even more anemic than Hillary’s. Cruz might have pulled it off, but the Clinton campaign would have taken him more seriously as a political opponent, also.

    In the end, it wasn’t Trump’s bombast, or willingness to stand up to leftilibral abuse and respond in kind, that won him the election. It was the genuine choice of political platforms he offered the American voter that resonated, to the point that even many who disliked him personally were able to hold their noses in the voting booth.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to Thinker. | September 28, 2019 at 2:27 pm

    “she could just ride on Slick Willie”

    Look at Chelsea, I don’t think so.

From the pilot of Third Rock From the Sun:

“Why am I the woman?”
“Because you lost!”

I would think Obama would be the worst choice the progressive fascists could make as he might win.

What would Saul Alinsky say?

If she was human, the bitterness would have done her in by now.

This lady called Shrillary Shrooooo
Is certainly going cuckoo!
She blames me for her loss,
Plus you and yours, Boss,
And next, animals in the zoo!

It’s clear that HRC believes she was anointed by Historical Necessity or some other little secular idol to be the first female POTUS. That woman will never stop kvetching until she’s succumbed to cancer of the tongue or something.

Donald Trump has been called the Reverse Tornado – because he builds up and restores everything in his path.

Whereas Hillary seems to steal or kill everything in her path.