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Branco Cartoon – They’ve Got A Plan For That

Branco Cartoon – They’ve Got A Plan For That

At least it’s out in the open now

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Nobody had your ability to capture so much in such a humorous, apropos way! Mr. Branco, you are a treasure to the American Patriot!

I suppose this is what happens when somebody forgets the difference between the Party’s public position and its private position.

Mr. Branco has been hitting many nerves, and this cartoon right on target. Anyone who uses twitter, he has been attacked, and people are stealing his work. It is despicable, vile and typical of leftist attacks.

@afbranco has earned our support…. completely.

smalltownoklahoman | September 16, 2019 at 7:59 am

Right on target Branco, bullseye! Beto inadvertently did Republicans one of the biggest favors of this election cycle with that frank admission!

I was thinking all the D candidates standing in a circle with Beto tied to a post in the center blindfolded.

But, this works too.

A.F., day after day I see your work and want to say, “Spot on!”

Beautiful contemporary homage to the Three Stooges… alas this is the real world and real stooges are running for office. Thanks for reminding us!

Love it, AFB!

Question for discussion: Which one is the real jackass? 😉

Remember folks, the Democrats are trying to have it both ways.

The DNC plays down any idea of them going for our guns, so that gullible people will vote ‘D’.

Beto advances the idea of grabbing guns so as to move the Overton window. The “early adopter” pols suffer by endorsing this, so Beto, who isn’t going anywhere, gets the job.

In a few years, the DNC then agrees it’s time to grab our guns.

If you can’t see how this works, simply reflect back on the gay marriage, trans-gender, and other social issues.