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Branco Cartoon – Some People

Branco Cartoon – Some People

Do That

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Well, clearly the NRA guy is a terrorist.

He’s wearing a red cap.

Antifa (throws) rocks. (and calls them “milkshakes”)

Morning Sunshine | September 12, 2019 at 10:07 am

I have a new thought this morning. ANTI-fascist should change one small vowel to have more truth in advertising. ANTE-fascist is more correct.

The difference between the Left and the Right in America has never been clearer than it is in 2019. The party of Truman and Kennedy is gone. In it’s place is a spin-off of the Communist Party USA, if the CPUSA had lost its mind.

    And we Patriots have to respond daily to their insanity, not only to fight against it, but also to show that rationale, common sense and decency are alive and well. Mr. Branco exhibits brilliance in Visual Arts, and an awesome gift of Wit.