This has absolutely nothing to do with the serious pursuit of knowledge. Just more left wing indoctrination.

Campus Reform reports:

Boise State rewards students for ‘unpacking white identity,’ ‘recognizing their privilege’

The Boise State Gender Equity Center and the Center For Teaching and Learning are hosting a book circle series on a work by Robin DiAngelo, titled, “What Does It Mean to Be White?: Developing White Racial Literacy” — and offering a reward to those who attend.

DiAngelo has published two other books on the topic: White Fragility: Why Is It So Hard For White People To Talk About Racism and Is Everyone Really Equal: An Introduction to Key Concepts in Critical Social Justice Education. In the former, she wrote that “white people raised in Western society are conditioned into a white supremacist worldview because it is the bedrock of our society and its institutions.”

The book circle page states that the group is intended for people who are interested in “unpacking white identity and how white folks distance themselves from conversations about race, as well as learning how to engage white folks in recognizing their privilege.”

DiAngelo has also written that she thinks racism today is, in some ways, more sinister than during the Jim Crow era.

“I am often asked if I think the younger generation is less racist. No, I don’t. In some ways, racism’s adaptations over time are more sinister than concrete rules such as Jim Crow,” DiAngelo writes in White Fragility.


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